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The college's fourth priority is commitment to community. This means to promote involvement in and responsibility to one's community, which we mean to include city, state, nation, and world.


Good neighbor relations are important to Colorado College. The responsibilities of citizenship and sensitivity to one's community are important values to inculcate in the student body, who will become leaders in their future lives.

Community relations are made tangible in the everyday context of students, staff, and College neighbors. As the College has implemented the first phase of the 30-Year Master Plan, numerous public hearings about the specific developments (East Campus Student Organization Quad, Western Ridge Housing Project, etc.), it has come to light that there a couple of patterns of interaction with College neighbors which are problematic -- most significantly, student behavior and parking. Colorado College provides adequate parking spaces for the automobiles of students and staff. However, sometimes individuals choose to park in the neighborhoods adjacent to the campus, causing inconvenience and distress for our neighbors. Colorado College policy requires that individuals who bring a car to campus must register that vehicle and be assigned to parking areas within the campus. (First-year students are not allowed to bring a car to campus.)

Students residing off-campus must register their cars if they are even occasionally used as transportation to and from campus. Please be aware that the College intends to enforce this policy, and to remind individuals of the expectation that they will act as good citizens within the community.

Furthermore, registration with College Security allows quick identification of the vehicle owner in case of emergency (e.g., broken window, lights on, damage to car, necessity to move vehicle). The second pattern of neighbor complaints concerns student behavior in the vicinity of the College when that behavior is disruptive, destruction, or dangerous - particularly large, noisy, alcohol-based parties.

There have been complaints of destruction of property, threatening behavior, and late-night noise which is not fitting for a neighborhood. For your information, the neighbors have been invited to alert the Colorado Springs Police as appropriate; they've also been made aware that they may call the CCCA committee on community relations, and/or the College Relations Office whenever they have concerns about the behavior of CC folks in the local community.

It is our hope that by informing you of the College's expectations and the past history of some complaints, that you will choose to act in a mature and responsible manner which is sensitive to the needs of others and, ultimately, supportive of civil society. If you have any questions concerning these expectations, you are welcome to contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Life or the Dean of the Faculty.