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Colorado College Diversity Task Force: Image of diverse student and faculty groups
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Emily Chan, Assistant Professor of Psychology
A typical day for my current students shows how the Block Plan is a fully immersive experience where they can be intellectually engaged and stimulated by one focused topic for the entire day.”

Emily Chan, Assistant Professor of Psychology

“These issues are not new.
These issues are not unique to CC. Nor are they easily confronted, solved, or even discussed,” says Former President Richard F. Celeste. “But they are central to our academic and human endeavor, and to CC's core value of commitment to‘value all persons and seek to learn from their diverse experiences and perspectives.’”  

Former President Richard F. Celeste

Colorado College aims to provide an educational experience that is among the finest for the 21st century. The Diversity Task Force (DTF ), appointed by the President and with broad representation from the campus community, believes that diversity is central to achieving this mission. Click here for a list of DTF members.

The DTF Commitment

The DTF pledges to improve the college's commitment to diversity in three ways:

1) By increasing the representation of diverse students, faculty and staff on campus;

2) By creating an infrastructure of support networks that further recruitment and retention; and,

3) By cultivating a campus ethos that values differences and fosters opportunities for mutual learning.


The DTF engages the college community in dialogue about how to implement its primary objectives. The task force's action plan includes the following goals and procedures as initial steps:

1) To coordinate existing, individual and departmental efforts and programs that support and promote diversity.

2) To ensure a robust engagement with diversity issues among all members of the college community.

3) To develop the whole person by creating situations that push individuals beyond their personal comfort zones.

Process Underway

DTF activities and initiatives to date include:

1) Creating a "Compelling Picture for Colorado College," stated below:

"The finest liberal arts education requires diversity, and demands that each of us confront prejudice and bigotry and engage in respectful interaction. We challenge the Colorado College community to live in accordance with our core values."

2) Presenting the DTF compelling picture to the college's Board of Trustees, and engaging board members in discussions about the picture and issues related to diversity as a way to gain support from the Board to spread the DTF vision on campus.  

3) Sharing the compelling picture with leaders of each constituent division of the college, a total of 20 groups so far.   DTF members interpret reactions and obtain feedback from leaders about the compelling picture, and ask each to consider, "What can I do to help the cause?"

4) Addressing the challenges for the "compelling picture" through the DTF accountability circles (subcommittees) for the following six areas -- academic, assessment, leadership, training and education, representation and retention, and campus climate.

Among the subcommittees' immediate tasks are:

a) preparing and piloting a training module to be made available to various campus constituencies.

b) publicizing and celebrating the activities and achievements of students of color (e.g., recognizing national fellowship winners who are students of color).

c) adding a column to the parent newsletter.

d) establishing processes for voicing and addressing complaints, and monitoring the effectiveness of these processes.

e) expanding participation in "Sustained Dialogue," regular conversations that enable individuals to share experiences and discuss issues related to diversity.

f) participating in orientation programs for students, parents, faculty, staff.

g) linking our goals to the college's re-accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission in 2007.

h) demonstrating how we at CC live our core value to " value all persons and seek to learn from their diverse experiences and perspectives."

i) helping the college realize Vision 2010.


The DTF makes various resources available to the campus community, including books, articles, videos, and other information of interest. Click here to access the list.  

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For more information, please contact Victor Nelson-Cisneros, DTF co-chair, at 389-6686, or any member of the task force.