Queer Straight Alliance 
Ice Cream Social
Monday, August 24
8:30 pm
Glass House (Lennox House)
Jen Kelley (jennifer.kelley@coloradocollege.edu)
Nicholas Johnson (nicholas.johnson@coloradocollege.edu)
CJ Pascoe (c.j.pascoe@coloradocollege.edu).
Beth Kancilia (beth.kancilia@coloradocollege.edu)
Upcoming Events:
Equal is a confidential group of students that identify outside of the heterosexual norm, or that are questioning their sexual or gender identity.
As of Block 1, 2011 Equal meets Wednesdays at 7:30 pm in the Interdisciplinary House, which is the 2nd house North of the library on Cascade.
Equal meetings are 100% open. There is no need to identify, to talk about your yourself, or to even talk at all -- unless you want to. Equal is no more, and no less, than a safe space for students to talk about their experiences and to enjoy delicious refreshments in a welcoming environment.
Equal meetings are also 100% confidential. No one will ever approach or identify someone else who comes to Equal without their permission.
Equal is Fun! It is a great way of getting to know the GLBTQ community on campus.
Equal is open to community members that identify outside of the heterosexual norm or are questioning and would like support.