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A student majoring in political economy must select either

I. American Political Economy concentration
II. International Political Economy concentration

In addition to the specific requirements of the chosen concentration, a student must also comply with the general requirements of the College for graduation.


Advisors: Redmount (Economics), Dunham (Political Science)

The objective of the American Political Economy concentration is to develop in the student a general knowledge of the interaction between the U.S. government and the economy. It emphasizes the constraints of social and economic structure, political ideology, institutions, and personalities. Knowledge of the consequences of alternative economic proposals is stressed, as in the need for an understanding and appreciation of the historical roots of contemporary institutions and ideologies in assessing proposed governmental policies.


A student concentrating in American Political Economy must complete a minimum of 15 units of credit, including the following requirements:

(a) At least six units of credit in Political Science, including 103 or 201, 321, 292 or 344 or 370. Remaining units may be selected from 200, 210, 213, 295, 315, 316, 318, 320, and 323;

(b) at least six units of credit in Economics, including 203 (or 204 and 205), 313, 315. Remaining two units may be selected from 304, 311, 333, 335, 336, 338, 340, 350, 411, 413, 475;

(c) 3 units of American History;

(d) Optional: Students may request to write a senior thesis (PS 490/EC 491). This must receive approval from both the Economics and Political Science Departments. All proposals must have the support of a faculty member from each department willing to supervise the work.