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ACM Newberry Library Program The ACM Newberry Library Program in the Humanities enables students and faculty to tap the rich resources of one of the world's foremost libraries in the humanities. During the fall semester, students explore the course topic together in seminar meetings and complete an individual research project under the guidance of the course instructors. Over the years, courses have covered a wide range of issues. Recent topics include "Frontiers of the Land, Frontiers of the Mind," "The Contested Past: Histories and Fictions of Human Conflict," and "Unmasking Gender."

Students in the ACM Newberry Library program work alongside the Library's visiting scholars and scholars in residence and draw upon the expertise of the Library staff. Students are encouraged to attend exhibits, conferences and other public programs, and to participate in special events, such as city tours and a weekly Library-wide gathering to hear guest speakers and exchange ideas.

Eligibility: juniors and seniors interested in pursuing serious research in the humanities (sophomores may attend upon consent of instructors).

Credit: The recommended credit for the fall seminar is 16 semester hours or the equivalent. The amount and distribution of credit is determined by the College in advance of the program.

Application: pick up application materials from Rita Zook, Dean's Office, or Brenda Tooley, Dean's Office.

Deadline for application to the Fall Semester Program is March 15 of the preceding spring semester. Return the completed application to Brenda Tooley, program advisor. The ACM must receive completed fall applications by April 1. You will be informed of your acceptance into the program by the end of the month.

Costs: students are billed tuition and a program fee by their home college. Students are responsible for their own transportation, food costs, linens, cookware, books and personal expenses.

Professor Carol Neel
Palmer 233F
Ext. 6527
Pre-Business Program Graduate study and careers in business are open to students with an undergraduate degree in the liberal arts. The nation's best universities, as well as employers hiring into management track positions, value the breadth of knowledge which a liberal arts degree provides. The major which a student takes to prepare for business can be selected from any offered at Colorado College; what is important to graduate admissions committees and employers is a demonstrated capacity to think critically, analyze complex issues and communicate effectively in both oral and written forms. To supplement their interest in a business career, students should consider taking introductory courses in accounting and economics, a law course and statistics.

For students selecting a major in economics, it is possible to pursue the study of business in additional depth through a number of elective courses dealing directly with the role and operation of business in society. These same courses are available to students majoring in any subject as long as the individual course prerequisites are satisfied.

Advice on a course of study while at Colorado College and opportunities for graduate work and employment cab be obtained by consulting the pre-business adviser as well as the Career Center.

Also, consider participating in events sponsored by the "Perspectives on Business and Economics in a Changing World" program.

Professor Larry Stimpert
Palmer 105
Ext. 6418
Pre- Engineering Program

For students interested in engineering, the College has cooperative arrangements with Columbia University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the University of Southern California and Washington University. Recommendation by the faculty of Colorado College at the end of CC's three-year pre-engineering program strongly supports the student admission to the selected cooperative school of engineering. This does not mean, however, that the student is restricted to one of the cooperating schools. Almost all engineering schools accept transfer students from accredited liberal arts colleges such as Colorado College.

Specific details regarding the pre-engineering program and cooperative arrangements with engineering schools may be obtained from the program advisor. Professor Phillip Cervantes
Barnes 220
Ext. 6580
Pre-Law Program Law schools select students who show general excellence and high promise in the analysis of abstract texts and in written and oral expressions. The Pre-Law Committee advises students on their selection of courses, law school requirements and general preparation for admission to law schools. Students interested in law careers choose various majors depending on their interests and the recommendation of their advisers.

Colorado College has a cooperative program with Columbia University School of Law under which students, if selected by Colorado College and admitted to Columbia University, may enter an accelerated interdisciplinary legal education program after three years at Colorado College. Upon successful completion of the three-year program at Columbia University, the student will receive the Bachelor of Arts degree from Colorado College and the Juris Doctor degree from Columbia University. It is expected that only extraordinary students will qualify, and the program will normally select no more than one person.

Interested students should obtain specific details from the program adviser. Judy Offerdahl
Worner Center
Ext. 6425