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Colorado CollegeBulletin | December 2006

Police Women: Life with the Badge book coverPolice Women: Life with the Badge

by Betty Sowers Alt ’60 and Sandra K. Wells

Policewomen have moved beyond the role of meter maid — but how far beyond? This book looks at the history of female police officers and provides first-hand accounts of women at every level. It also includes accounts of those who drop out, examining some of the reasons why: discrimination, lack of mentoring, competition, and sexual harassment. ISBN: 0-275-98477-X. Praeger Publishers, 2005.

Like a Guilty Thing book coverLike a Guilty Thing

by Stephen Rath ’78

Rath is the author of numerous articles and short stories that feature psychological themes. His latest book continues the thread; as complex strands of past and present converge, romance blossoms. Parts of Rath’s novel are set in Colorado Springs (look for references to Pikes Peak and Fountain Creek); there is even a tie-in to Colorado College with the last name of his protagonist, Ben Slocum. ISBN: 0-595-32915-2. iUniverse, 2005.

Water Rights Handbook for Colorado Conservation Professionals book coverWater Rights Handbook for Colorado Conservation Professionals

by Peter Nichols ’70, Mark Weston ’74, et al

From the most fundamental principles of Colorado water law to water-rights due diligence, appraising water rights for conservation easements, drafting conservation easement language to include water rights, stewardship issues, and the tax implications of water rights related to conservation easements, the “Water Rights Handbook” explains how to protect the water rights critical to values targeted in con-servation transactions. ISBN: 1-932779-32-9. Bradford Publishing, 2005.

Trees and Shrubs of Colorado book coverTrees and Shrubs of Colorado

by Jack L. Carter, professor emeritus of biology; illustrated by Marjorie Connors Leggitt ’77

The second edition of “Trees and Shrubs of Colorado” is more comprehensive than the first, published 18 years ago. The number of woody plants described has been doubled to 295 species; keys and descriptions have been rewritten, and scientific names updated. The book is expanded to include 120 new illustrations and a new section of 185 color photographs that bring forth the beauty of Colorado’s unique woody flora. Carter also wrote “Trees and Shrubs of New Mexico” and is co-author of “Common Southwestern Native Plants: An Identification Guide.” ISBN: 0-9658404-1-7. Mimbres Publishing, 2006.

Colorado Above Treeline: Scenic Drives, 4WD Trips, and Classic Hikes book coverScuba Diver's Travel Companion book coverScuba Diver’s Travel Companion / Colorado Above Treeline: Scenic Drives, 4WD Trips, and Classic Hikes

by Jeremy Agnew ’64

Newly certified divers, those getting back into the sport after a hiatus, and casual recreational divers all have one thing in common: They want to choose a dive vacation that matches their skill levels. “Scuba” takes the guesswork out of selecting the best dive getaways in the Great Lakes, Florida, Central America, the Caribbean, and the Indian and Pacific oceans. “Treeline” explores Colorado’s high-altitude ecosystems, including the rugged alpine tundra, and a variety of ways in which people — visitors as well as residents — can enjoy them. Scuba: ISBN: 0-7627-2668-7; Globe Pequot Press, 2003. Treeline: ISBN: 1-56579-498-2; Westcliffe Publishers, 2005.


Sunshot: Peril and Wonder in the Gran Desierto book cover
Inferno book cover
Sunshot: Peril and Wonder in the Gran Desierto

by Bill Broyles; photographs by Michael Berman ’79


by Charles Bowden; photographs by Michael Berman ’79

The Devil’s Highway crosses a stretch of borderland desert in northern Mexico where many immigrants have traveled — and died. Berman’s stark black-and-white photographs capture the desolate beauty of the Southwest de­sert while conveying a sense of its allure, danger, and secrets. In both books, the photographs, with their finely tuned studies of light, communicate the desert’s formidable power and mystery.Sunshot: ISBN: 0-8165-2524-2. University of Arizona Press, 2006. Inferno: ISBN: 0-292-71330-4. University of Texas Press, 2006.

A Heart for and Fate book coverA Heart for Any Fate

by Suzanne Lyon ’79

In 1790 in Virginia, 20-year-old Hannah Allison is married to Willard Temple Cole; the novel follows her from those nuptials to her burial in western Missouri, where she settled after following her husband ever farther west, enduring failed crops, Indian attacks, and a forbidden love. The frontiers of Kentucky and Missouri are tied in with national affairs through a series to never-to-be-sent letters written by Hannah to First Lady Dolley Madison, a cousin by marriage. The author is a former attorney who, lured by the landscape and legends of the West, turned to writing historical fiction. ISBN: 1-59414-329-3. Five Star Press, 2005.

In Drought Time book coverIn Drought Time

edited by Doug Smith, Karen Woollams ’82, and Melody Vassoff

“In Drought Time” presents the story of small town and rural life through art and poetry. With the swift change in land use and the growth of villages into cities across the Midwest and beyond, “In Drought Time” attempts to capture a way of life that is in flux and perhaps soon to be lost forever. Nationally known painters and writers contribute to a unique portrait of people and place not often addressed in literary anthologies. ISBN: 0-932412-37-8. Mayapple Press, 2005.

Exploring Christian Ethics book coverExploring Christian Ethics

by Kyle Fedler ’87

Fedler, in his introduction, says he is reluctant to answer when people ask him what he does for a living: he teaches Christian ethics. He’s reluctant because so many people lack the concepts, vocabulary, and framework to discuss the issues on common ground. His book is written for people with little or no background in theology or ethics, providing a basic overview of ethical theory and biblical ethics necessary to begin formulating a biblical worldview. ISBN: 0-664-22898-4. Westminster John Knox Press, 2006.

Change Your Life Through Travel book coverChange Your Life Through Travel

by Jillian Robinson ’87

This book goes beyond travel for tourists, viewing travel as a potent force of transformation, creativity, and a way to free the soul and to find more purpose in life. Passages of classic travel writing by Isak Dinesen, Ernest Hemingway, D.H. Lawrence, and Henry Miller are woven through accounts of the author’s own globe-trotting adventures. ISBN: 0-9770168-0-3. Footsteps Media, 2006.

Fertility Foods: Optimize Ovulation and Conception Through Food Choices book coverFertility Foods: Optimize Ovulation and Conception Through Food Choices

by Jeremy Groll, M.D., and Lorie Nowak Groll ’90

Lorie Groll, a freelance writer who manages an Internet-based health and nutrition company, wrote this book with an expert in reproductive endocrinology and fertility treatment. The book discusses research by Jeremy Groll that shows that high insulin levels create hormonal changes that can hinder normal ovulation and increase the potential for miscarriages. “Fertility Foods” combines a nutritional plan with an exercise program that enhances insulin metabolism. ISBN: 978-0-7432-7281-0.Fireside Books, 2006.

Working with Gemstones: A Bench Jeweler's Guide book coverWorking with Gemstones: A Bench Jeweler’s Guide

by Arthur Anton Skuratowicz and Julie Nash ’91

This resource book, based on the authors’ popular column in AJM Magazine (the flagship publication of Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America), offers illustrated insights into how best to work on gem-set jewelry. It includes information on how various gems react to heat and pressure, how to modify mountings to accommodate a gem’s characteristics, a glossary, guide to tool-specific dangers, and easy-to-read charts on how stones react to abrasives, chemicals, and heat. ISBN: 0-9713495-4-1. MJSA/AJM Press, 2005.

U.S.! book coverU.S.!

by Chris Bachelder, former assistant professor of English

In this satiric novel, Bachelder supposes that muckraker Upton Sinclair, author of “The Jungle,” has the power to repeatedly rise from the grave, “oft-resurrected and oft-assassinated” by his followers and foes. A haggard and bullet-ridden Sinclair symbolizes the bedraggled American political left (making a triple entendre of the book’s title: the United States, Upton Sinclair, and us, the American people). In Bachelder’s present-day America, capitalism-loving small-town residents fear a socialist uprising spurred by the mediocre novels Sinclair continues to publish. ISBN: 1-58234-636-4. Bloomsbury Publishing, 2006.

On the Forward Edge coverOn the Forward Edge

by Robert D. Loevy, professor of political science

This is prolific author Bob Loevy’s 10th book, but it is a bit different from his previous ones. Subtitled “American Government and the Civil Rights Act of 1964,” this text-novel teaches the basic principles of American government by telling the story of young people involved in the passage of the Civil Rights Act. The protagonist is a recent college graduate and cub reporter, who, when offered a position as a Senate aide, learns about the inner workings of Congress from his ringside seat. ISBN: 0-7618-3327-7. University Press of America, 2005