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Colorado CollegeBulletin | December 2006


Dave Feamster was the guest speaker at the Pueblo, Colo., Community Soup Kitchen’s July 27 fundraising dinner. He owns the Pueblo Little Caesars pizza restaurant franchise, and is active in local child-advocacy organizations.


Therese Phillips is an associate with Golder Associates, a British firm specializing in ground engineering and environment services; she is based in Richmond, Va.


reunion25th Reunion Oct. 12-14, 2007!


John McDonald had a busy year: buying and remodeling a new house and adding baby Isaac to his household, which already included Claire, 4. “I was a bit late into the parenting arena, and I think sleep deprivation only gets harder as you get older,” says John. He plays hockey in a Portland, Ore., adult league, where he still skates in his 1979 CCM Mustangs — skates that are older than some members of his team! • Betsy Buffman Ring and her children Nina, 11, and Aidan, 10, have moved to South Portland, Maine.


Kelly Green McQueen has been named to the Drug Development Advisory Board of ImmuneRegen BioSciences, a biotech firm researching and developing countermeasures for homeland security bioterrorism threats. She is a practicing anesthesiologist in Phoenix, Ariz., and on the faculty of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative; she specializes in infectious disease management and treatment in large populations.


An Aug. 26 article in the New Mexican interviewed Matthew Hecht extensively about climate change. Matthew works on a climate-, ocean-, and sea ice-modeling project at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Matthew made the case that global warming is undeniable and largely due to human energy use, and suggested readers calculate their own carbon dioxide consumption at www.climatecrisis.net/takeaction/carboncalculator. • Irv Katz spent part of the summer in Pittsburgh participating in the National Endowment for the Humanities program “Voices Across Time.” • Ann Ulrich Willis is divorced and has moved to Bozeman, Mont., where she is a research assistant in the chemistry department at Montana State University. • Lisa Wiener Stember is a speech pathologist at Progressive Rehab Associates in Portland, Ore.


The volcano research of Ken Sims was recently featured in Oceanus, the magazine of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Their Web site features video footage by John Catto ’82 of Ken rappelling into the crater of Nicaragua’s Masaya volcano to measure radon gas while keeping one eye on the rising magma — measurements Ken hopes will lead to better ways to predict eruptions. • Linda Smith traveled to Guatemala in August to research ways of educating girls and empowering women through microbusiness development. She’s also looking into ways to increase the number of community libraries in Guatemala, to expand educational opportunities there.


reunion20th Reunion Oct. 12-14, 2007!

Erica Berens is annual fund coordinator at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass Village, Colo. • Jillian Robinson’s book, “Change Your Life through Travel,” was chosen by her distributor to be part of its inaugural holiday gift catalog — one of 500 selected from the 15,000 books they carry.


Bryan Saunders is associate producer at Post Modern Company, a division of U.S. Media Services in Denver. The company produces media materials and solutions for clients throughout the federal government.


After almost two years as interim dean, Rhonda Ellinger Gonzales was named dean of the library at Colorado State University-Pueblo in October 2005.• John Kantner is vice president of academic and institutional development at the School of American Research in Santa Fe, N.M.

About the top image: Some of the “legacy kids” of the class of 2010 were welcomed to CC with a dinner at Tutt Alumni House Aug. 27. First row, from left: Kelsey Kamm (daughter of Michael ’79 and Cynthia Polite Kamm ’80), Allison Wold (daughter of Jack Wold ’75 and Hildy Dines Wold ’79), Lucy Logan (daughter of Newton Logan ’78), Haley Barton (daughter of David ’77 and Caroline Friedman Barton ’76; granddaughter of Professor Emeritus William Edward Barton ’57), and Sarah Schulte (daughter of Dick Schulte ’75). Second row, from left: Thea Giovannini-Torelli (daughter of Leslie Tcheyan ’75), Holly McHugh (daughter of Jerry McHugh ’80 and Priscilla Allen ’81), Amy Howard (daughter of Joseph Howard ’79), Allison Gilbert (daughter of Barbara Snow Gilbert ’76), and Beth Richards (daughter of Michael Richards ’82). Third row: Spencer Kern (son of David Kern ’74) and Shannon Dunn (granddaughter of Robert Mailhouse ’44). Fourth row: Blair Sargent (son of Preston ’80 and Julie Johnson Sargent ’79), Ryder Turner (son of Cherie Fortis Turner ’76), Troy Deichen (son of Jim and Kathy Vigil Deichen ’76), Peter Fisco (son of Pamela Polite-Fisco ’77), and Max Krimmer (son of Bob Krimmer ’75 and Mary Ellen Wortham ’76).