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Colorado CollegeBulletin | December 2006

When the CC “mappers” outlined Vision 2010 in 2002-03, they were responding to President Richard Celeste’s challenge to “find ways to make Colorado College — already a very good enterprise — even better between now and 2010.”

They updated the Colorado College mission statement and set in place three tenets that provided both a framework for Vision 2010 and an action agenda spanning the next seven years:

Taking Stock and Looking Forward

So where do we stand as we reach the halfway point on the journey to 2010?

Some highlights:

Vision 2010 continues to provide the framework for our actions as both a liberal arts college and as a community, while allowing considerable flexibility to adapt and learn as we go. Some projects in the initial plan have been dropped and others added, all within the three tenets that underpin our mission. Of particular interest:

Having reached the midpoint between 2003 and 2010, we can anticipate increased momentum as we move rapidly toward what was once a distant point in the future. The ambitious thinking and goals of 2002-03 continue to drive us in laying the groundwork for the future of CC, while our dialogue and learning around our mission have added robustness to our endeavors. With three years to go, we now dig deep for the sprint to the line.

Of special note, 2010 will be the Year of the Tiger — one of the power signs in the Chinese zodiac, and an auspicious time for celebration.

Roll on 2010!