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Colorado CollegeBulletin | March 2006

College Embraces Pluralistic

Approach to Spirituality

Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends,

Colorado College is often regarded as a secular school, but our campus community nurtures a remarkable range of spiritual beliefs and religious activity. Among our student body are Zoroastrians, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, evangelical Christians, atheists, Catholics, Muslims, and Protestants of many denominations. The college has long embraced a multi-layered, pluralistic approach to religious and spiritual life that invites all students (and other members of the community) to explore the paths they find intriguing, stimulating, peaceful, or fulfilling.

In this issue of the Bulletin, you will find a historical account of the college’s path of pluralism, current students’ descriptions of the spiritual environment here, an alumna’s exploration of how a CC education encouraged some alumni to seek religious or spiritual vocations or practices, and a collaborative student-faculty sociological assessment of the importance of religion in America today. The Tiger Wire section features mini-profiles of more alumni in spirit-inspired careers.

In many departments and groups around campus, formally and informally, we have been examining our attitudes and beliefs about religion and spirituality as we approach the college’s October 2006 symposium, “Religion and Public Life: Why Be Afraid?” The symposium promises to provide energetic and stimulating dialogue as we look at ourselves, our campus community, our city, country, and globe with open minds and hearts. We hope you will join us.


Richard F. Celeste