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When all is said and done, is there any more wonderful sight,
any moment when man's reason is nearer to some sort of
contact with the nature of the world than the sowing of seeds,
the planting of  cuttings, the transplanting of shrubs
or the grafting of slips.
-  St. Augustine





We ordered all our seeds from either Johnny's catalog or Seeds of Change.




Beets: bellow intermediate mangel, luta salad leaf

Brussel Sprouts: long island

Cabbage: early jersey wakefield, red drumhead


Corn: oaxacan dent, rainbow inca sweet, stowell's sweet, mandan red flour

Cucumbers:satsuki madori, northern pickling, sweet market more, bush champion

Eggplant: louisiana long green, italian white, imperial black beauty

Gourd: birdsnest, bottlegourd

Kale: red ursa, red russian

Leek: scotland heirloom

Melons: sungold casaba, ein dor, haogen musk, early moonbeam, crimson sweet

Okra: red velvet, star of david heirloom

Onion: newburg, rossadi milano

Turnip: purple top white globe, gold ball

Radish: french breakfast, champion, black spanish

Carrots: red core chantenay

Tomatoes: brandywine, yellow pear cherry, tigerella heirloom, wisconsin, double rich, ropreco paste, red calabush, san marzano paste

Peppers:red ruffled pimeinto, jalepeno chile, espanola chile, marisello

sweet pepper heirloom, sunrise orange sweet pepper, cal wonder bell sweet pepper heirloom, ring-o-fire cayenne chile


artichoke, lettuce, arugula, corn, beans, squash, zucchini, broccoli, beans, peas, basil, thyme, oregano, sage, and rosemary.


Apple, cherry, plum, peach, and apricot.


Raspberries and blackberries.


Sunflowers, lavender, and many local wildflowers.


Bees and chickens.