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Winter 2010 Combined Annual Community Giving Campaign

Open enrollment period for faculty and staff runs through December 15th, 2010.

About our three partnering umbrella agencies:

The Pikes Peak United Way supports 42 regional charities, including the American Cancer Society, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Scouting, the Salvation Army, T.E.S.S.A, and more. Through major donations to their Cornerstone Program, the United Way is able to guarantee that 100% of all donations received annually go directly to provide programs and services.

Community Shares of Colorado supports 117 state and local agencies, such as the ACLU, Citizens Project, Habitat for Humanity, the Trails and Open Space Coalition, CASA of the Pikes Peak Region, and many more. They serve organizations that not only provide relief and care, but also ones that work for a more just society for all.

Community Health Charities of Colorado supports 53 state and local health care agencies and charities, such as the Alzheimer's Association, Craig Hospital, Easter Seals, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and many more. There is a way to support research for cures for almost any disease, and enhanced quality of life for patients with any condition.

Working with these three fine partners allows CC employees, retirees, and students the broadest range of choices, so that you can give where it truly matters most to you personally. There is no overlap or redundancy in the agencies supported by these three umbrella charities.

Most of us believe in giving something back to our communities. The Colorado College Combined Annual Community Giving Campaign is a simple way to combine the power of our individual donations throughout the institution, and to use payroll deduction to maximize the cumulative power of each of our individual paychecks. One-time gifts are also welcome, and there is no minimum gift; any amount will help someone in need and is greatly appreciated.

How do I give?

There are two ways: you can complete one of the forms enclosed in the brochures in your employee packet and return it to Connie Dudgeon in Communications (ext. 6835), OR you can GIVE ONLINE--it only takes a moment!

Questions about payroll deduction? Ask Heather Coles at ext. 6420.

What if you didn't get your employee packet? If you prefer to use a traditional paper pledge form, you can get it here.

Download Forms

You can select from 212 local Colorado and Colorado Springs charities, through 3 umbrella organizations, and decide where you want your money to go.