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Baca Drilling Opponents Need Patience, Colorado Springs Independent, Anthony Lane, January 24,2008
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Articles about Crestone:
“Sacred Places,” and “A History of Belief.” 36-40. “A Spiritual Community Takes Root.” 62. US News and World Report (Special Issue), 143(19).From Nov.-Dec. 2007

“Government Never Sought Mineral Rights.”The Gazette, Jan. 28, 2008.

“For Many a Follower, Sacred Ground in Colorado.” New York Times, Jan. 11, 2008.

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    louiskjarvis's page (public). Male, Crestone. About Me: I am the son of Brig. Gen. John R. Jarvis, U.S. Army Special Forces, "That famous commander in Vietnam who said, "Balls to the wall, all the way, bite the bullet and no slack.'"

Comment on: Headlines: Mineral rights overlooked for preserve | rights, mineral, land - Gazette.com at 1/28/2008 3:00 PM MST on Gazette.com

A prediction concerning Lexam-ConocoPhillips' attempt to drill two (or is it three?) "exploratory" wells 14,000 feet deep into the San Luis aquifer under the Baca National Wildlife Refuge. It won't happen. You could say that the SLV, Valley of the Dunes, is God's line in the sand and is as sacred as Mt. Sinai. If you're interested in an explanation, please read my "Appeal to Al Gore and the American People in Defense of the Baca Refuge" at 11thhouraction.com (this is the website for Leonardo DiCaprio's new documentary). Also, you might want to read my essay, "Four Corners: Jerusalem of the Americas, Lexam Explorations and 2012." It's posted at Thomas Paine's Corner (you can find it through Google).


  • Comment on: Our View - Sunday at 1/28/2008 12:28 AM MST on Gazette.com

Last October, N.Y. TIMES MAGAZINE published Joe Gertner's rather terrifying analysis of the worsening water crisis in the western U.S. He stated the obvious: "a lesser Colorado River would almost certainly lead to a considerable amount of economic havoc, as the future water supplies for the West's industries, agriculture and growing municipalities are threatened. As one prominent Western water official described the future to me, if some of the Southwest's largest reservoirs empty out, the region would experience an apocalypse, 'an Armageddon.'"

Now go back and read, "Is the Fight for San Luis Valley Water Finally Over?" This article appeared in the March 2002 issue of LA JICARITA NEWS of northern New Mexico. Wrote Kay Matthews, "In several previous articles LA JICARITA also discussed whether purchase of the (Baca) ranch by the federal government will indeed secure the water rights from transfer.. Ownership of the ranch is complicated. A corporation called Cabeza de Vaca bought the ranch from AWDI. Apparently it is AWDI and another investor, Peter Hornick, who are involved in the current litigation. AWDI claims it retained its rights to a percentage of royalties from the sale of water on the ranch.. Ed Quillen, publisher of the Salida-based COLORADO CENTRAL magazine, believes that there will continue to be pressure to use the water to meet federal needs, such as the growing population needs of downstream urban areas."

In the March 2000 issue of Quillen's publication we read, "In its February edition, the CRESTONE EAGLE quotes Crestone resident Louis Jarvis, who said he has done extensive research in Texas on Enron. He fears that Enron will try to buy the Baca." One year later Enron's CEO "Kenny Boy" Lay was a key member of Vice President Cheney's energy task force. I suggest Kenny Boy and his top secret cabal put together a strategy to partner Lexam Explorations of Toronto with ConocoPhillips of Houston to engineer the coming apocalyptic water-grab in the San Luis Valley. Just consider that twenty years ago AWDI hydrologists calculated the value of the SLV aquifers' more than two billion acre-feet at $14 trillion. Now consider that ConocoPhilips is a water company (google ConocoPhillips+water). Last but not least, consider that the legal beagle for ConocoPhillips happens to be James Baker IIIrd, former Treasury Secretary and Secretary of State. ConocoPhillips built and runs the presidential library of George Bush Sr.

No wonder, then, that Mike Blenden, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service manager of the Baca National Wildlife Refuge, claims his agency has no grounds to prevent drilling on U.S. government property. Really? Whatever happened to eminent domain, also known as compulsory purchase? It's defined as the inherent right of the State to seize a citizen's private property, expropriate property, or rights in property, without the owner's consent. What Lexam Explorations of Canada intends to carry out in the Baca NATIONAL Wildlife Refuge is nothing less than an act of aggression against U.S. national sovereignty. Why, then, is it being aided and abetted by the U.S. Department of the Interior and Fish and Wildlife Service? The answer is now being reported ever more frequently in the American press: "The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been one of the most politically compromised scientific divisions in the Bush administration." I think that's spelled c-o-r-r-u-p-t-i-o-n. And the goal? That's spelled North American Union, the end of U.S. national sovereignty. Conspiracy theory? Ask Ron Paul. Lexam's drilling project in the Baca Refuge is a test case. Calling Lou Dobbs at CNN, here's your reason to join Rep. Paul in the presidential race. Welcome to the 2008 elections, and may a true patriot win. Lexam spells the end of "homeland security."


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