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Humanity in Unity Spiritual Center

Interview Conducted by: Larissa Phillips*


A native to France, Jayendra has been practicing Tai Chi for 20 years, and has been teaching for over 15. He first started when he realized his best friend taught a Tai Chi class, after not knowing his friend practiced it at all, and in the beginning would practice Tai Chi twice a week and every weekend out of awe and admiration. In addition, Jayendra does energy healing, not by touching the body, but by re-harmonizing the energies within the body. Energy healing is not what he specializes in, but it comes naturally with the ability to work with energy through Tai Chi. Jayendra met Sai Maa, his spiritual teacher, in 1993 in Paris, and has been working with Maa for more than 13 years. He is a practicing engineer, and has been conducting his spiritual practices and teaching Tai Chi at the Humanity in Unity Ashram, the spiritual center, for three years, now named the Temple of Consciousness. For more information on Jayendra, visit the Humanity in Unity website at: http://www.humanityinunity.org/utility/showArticle/?objectID=317.

On Tai Chi:

“We can see the energy, perceive the way the beam of energy is moving… You can see it, perceive it, you can feel it, have the sensation of the color according to whatever in your heart is blocked. All of this together just gives something good.”

“When we are in the practice, at the moment, the mind shifts. You are not in this world anymore. You are something really huge, and you begin to move in something else and the body takes a huge dimension and you begin to move all this field of energy all around you. You move them. You really move them. And so we can use that for healing, for harmonization, for many, many things.”

“We are not religious here [Humanity and Unity], we are spiritual. No, we are not a religion. It’s a practice. It’s like Yoga. And in this spiritual practice we took out of all religions what they are, what they propose, and we put all of it together for us to practice.”

“The basics of the teachings are the same, but it’s like opening with more and more tools and more and more knowledge, and more and more practice. The basic of the teaching is love. Love is life. Life is God. So God, love, life. Nature.”

Why follow these practices?

“For me, practice of the spiritual law is above the sight, or part of the sight. And for me to come here and dedicate myself to this practice is to dedicate myself to a higher practice, a higher part, the highest part of the sights.”

Are your ideas similar to others who come to Crestone?

“We all are different, but all the reasons make sense. All we need are deep feelings and truth.”

Are there any common misconceptions about your practice?

“We can say that it’s a practice. In the beginning, people may do it not exactly as it should be so they don’t get all the benefit of it. But it’s a practice. So the more they practice, the more the practice becomes strong, precise, and brings them energy and a connection with God. So it’s really a practice. The intention of the beginning is just to begin. After that you have to correct everybody one by one.”

How did you first hear about this area (The Crestones)?

“I didn’t hear about it, I just came. Straight. It was already built, we just bought it. When we bought it, I was in France with Maa. Maa received a phone call, and it was the day where I was initiated as a Brahma Child. So in the ceremony itself, Maa received the phone call and said, ‘We have an Ashram!’ And I was just initiated like two minutes ago. So I heard about Crestone at this time but I didn’t know especially what it was, where it was, or anything like that.”

Is this specific place important for the location of the Ashram?

“This place is specifically important. Not this square meter, but this region is really, specifically important because the Native Americans, traditionally, for centuries, more than that, for thousands of years, they have protected this land. They never made a fight, or fighting, or war, or whatever, on all this surface. All these mountains around are sacred for the Native Americans.”

“It is unique in the world.”

“And this means the vibration, it’s pure, no war, never fight, never war, all these sacred mountains, people are coming from all over the world to come to these mountains. It’s giving the place such a diverse vibration, and the purity, the purity… because we are so far from the towns, we don’t have industries here, so all of that creates a pure space.”

“Why is a pure space important? For two reasons. The first reason is for the body. The body can strengthen itself because it’s pure, and also, when we connect ourselves to the highest as we did here, we begin by connecting our self outside, and outside is pure, so all the things which are not pure in us just gets out. If we do the same work in the town, where we have a lot of people, a lot of thoughts, forms, a lot of vibrations, when you open yourself to vibrate with the outside, you begin by receiving all of this, which is not pure. So it is really good to be in a pure space like here or in the Himalayas to do the spiritual work of cleansing, connecting to the light, trying to strengthen the light inside you, purifying the body, and be more and more what we consider a being of light.

[Points to image similar to what can be found at http://www.myiampresence.org/chart_zoroast.html]

“This would be the representation of earth. And this is the physical body. Around the physical body you have the structure. This is a structure of light. It is a double star like that, and you are in the middle of it… So this is a structure of light. We call that the vehicle of light… This is now a teaching. The vehicle of light. And it is with this vehicle that we can ascend, we can move into space… all of us are something, but it’s not strong enough to travel with. So here the work that we do is to strengthen all of that. And you see this connection? This tube of light. This would be the center. The central sun, God, the divine creator, the master of nature, the source, whatever. This would be him here. And there we have the center of earth. Can you see that earth is going through all the charkas, jumping out of the crown charka here? And in the middle of it, in between the source and earth, we have another light being, a being of light that doesn’t have a physical body. Sometimes we call it an angel or something like that, but an angel is not that exactly. That would be the presence. The Christ self. The higher self. The Christed being. And if this intermediary between this center which is full of light, it’s really powerful, and the physical body which cannot receive so much light… so if this being is an intermediate but is also a filter of information , but if this part of us, all this light is part of us, so we are all connected to the center. We have the same center, so for that we say we are one because we are all this center connected here, and this Christ self here, all over, he has the same vibrations for all of us. So it is for that that we have the Christ, the master Jesus, who became the Christed being and brings this energy to all humanity, and humanity is here. So this would be the individual self, this would be the Christed self, which is belonging to all of this, and this would be the source which is exactly the same for all of us. We are all this source, reaching down to the earth.”

So what you practice is a combination of several different religions?  

“Yes, but they are all speaking kind of this, in a different way. Same principle. We spoke this morning about this halo of light around the head… this is recreation. This is coming from the I Am teaching of Saint Germaine. Saint Germaine is a master for all humanity, and he helps all series of teaching which is named I Am. I Am Presence… And this is coming from the Jewish tradition. These dolls, intergalactic dolls, inter dimensional dolls, this is coming from the Hebrew tradition… This is coming from the Hindu tradition. Vibration of all light in different dimensions. Saint Germaine is here. He is a master of light, and he ascended, like Jesus when Jesus left. This is ascension. So he did the same thing He did. And he is a teacher for all the world, and he is teaching the light. He is teaching the use of the violet flames, where everything around you is violet. The violet flame has a special quality. The violet flame can cure all kinds of things. Everything which is not aligned can be cured. He aligns, centered, re-harmonized the violet flame. Anything. It can be the matter, the body, the situation, the mind or… and he teaches that. He teaches that in the I Am book.”

Why do you think so many people come to this specific area for spiritual practices?

“To the Crestones? For the same reasons. Purity, and you can be kind of isolated, can be a place of peace, a place of harmony and devotion, and so that we can practice, and all of what we have here is where people think, or they come here to practice, so they are in the practice of the law of light. They are practicing something.”

How do the different communities interact?

“The communities are loving each other more and more. Now it’s just a celebration and feast. The Shumei… I am just loving them. We have a really beautiful relationship with them. Same thing with the Carmelites, same thing with the other people, we may not meet everybody with the same frequency, but we just love to meet with each other. It is just more and more wonderful.”

“We are more in contact with the Shumai, with Haidakan, Haidakan the Ashram, because of certain practice, you know?”

“Each time there is something for the entire community, the fourth of July or when we have a music festival here in Crestone, we meet everybody there. They are all here… giving, sharing, and celebrating together. And it’s just growing. All of this that I am describing is just growing. Three years ago it was not so open. It was always a good contact, but it was not like family. But more and more it’s just a family.”

“And Maa is such a Divine Mother, when she is here, everything is different. She is a Divine Mother. And she goes and visits the different communities, not all the time, just some of the time, and all the people come here when she is giving a lecture or meditation or practice here, and we invite all of the community, so they come. We have 80 people in this yurt.”

“There’ a divine energy [in the Crestones].”

What do you think the difference is between the different practices?

“For me the practices are just different ways to connect with God. We choose this, or we choose this, or we choose this, but finally we go to the same place.”

“Did I show you this alter? This is Master Jesus, that you know. This is Saibaba that’s there. Maa’s teacher. This is Mahavatar Babaji. Teacher of the masters. He was actually of teacher of Jesus. And Maa, naturally.”

“This is Shiva. The more you enter with the movement, the more you enter with the connection inside. You connect with the center of your cells. Center of the molecules, center of the atoms. In the center there is emptiness. And the symbol of emptiness is Shiva. So all of that is just knowledge, but when you have connected this knowledge with the sensation of emptiness inside, which is this emptiness of Shiva, the emptiness between the center, between the nucleus and the periphery of an atom for example, it is extremely empty. You have some matter, but it’s extremely empty. You have a huge volume of empty. In this emptiness you have a dynamic of creation. And the creation is actually getting out from this part, so it’s for that we celebrate, or worship the connecting of getting up to this level. So when it’s connected, pshew! [explosion noise] you can put this power out. This is what I was meaning this morning by ‘the power’. Connect to the power, and create. Create with the power inside. This is a symbol of Shiva. His name is Shivalingam and it is a natural stone. We find it like this in the river. This one comes from India. So this is a perfect shape in the universe. And this may be the shape of the way the electrons swirl around the atom. Maybe. We can’t say, but maybe. So this is in relationship with the process of creation. Shiva. Space. And Shivalingam is typically also one of the polarity of creation. So this is the masculine polarity. The feminine would be the Shakti. Shiva Shakti. The energy in the creation of movement.”

Do you know what they’re planning to do with the natural gas drilling here?

“I’m not hearing everything because of the language, but yes, I know what’s going on… They are going to drill close to here and pump oil. And for us, just under this huge space, there is water under that. And the presence of water is a characteristic of the presence of a sacred space. All the sacred spaces of the world have water under them. So we have water under here which is part of the sacredness. And drilling petrol, drilling for gas, is drilling though the water to go and get the gas under. So we may, by this operation, let the gas get up and pollute all the aquifer. So this would be a great damage because this has been preserved for a thousand years and suddenly for a few tons of petrol we are going to damage that.”

How do you think drilling will affect the rest of the community?

“I think the vibration will change. If the water is not under the sacredness of the space which made us appear, all the work we are doing so easily in this moment may become more difficult.”

Do you think the communities would move, or would they stay?

“I don’t know, but there’s no reason for them to stay here in a place so remote if there isn’t something strong to hold them here. What is holding us here is this purity. If we don’t have the purity here, I think many people will leave. This is what I feel, but I just don’t know what they’re going to do. But the quality of the space here will change. And I think this is the most attractive point for people to come here. I mean, the community to come and settle here. It’s because it’s pure, it’s because it’s sacred, it’s because it’s peaceful, it’s because it’s prefect. It’s a place for the powers of the earth. So if we’re going to change drastically, change in a very important manner, the parameters of here, we just don’t know how this is going to move. And if the community moves, we don’t know how the people are going to react. But there isn’t really anything better than what we have here. Here we have something natural. If something is being built, it will be less and less natural. So all this dynamic is not a dynamic that brings people here. So I think people just won’t like that. For us it is also that we’re going to damage this place which has been preserved for centuries, by the drill.”

If the aquifer got contaminated, would you stay?

“I don’t now. As a community it would be a mass decision, but as a community, if the vibration began to change, we may find a better place. At the same time we can just feel that it will be less attractive to be here if the aquifer is polluted, if the vibrations decrease, if we have a lot of buildings here, a lot of traffic, whatever it is. It’s smelly in the air, a smell which is not natural. It’s the ‘natural’ of this place. It’s natural in the air, and natural in the earth. To us, petrol is smelly. So all of that may make all of this place less attractive.”

Extra comments:

“There is no difference between the different religions, I can flow from one to another, they are the same thing. But as far as practicing it, to show the light, it can come from here, but the light is the light, and the source of the light is the same… You can say that it’s organized differently. It’s a progression to the light and the way you progress is different. In Karate or Judo, you have all these belts. Blue, green, maroon, red, black, it’s like a scale. In the other one, you have only three colors. White, dark, and red. It’s another scale, but it’s not the same scale in the same name. But they are showing the same progression to the mastery. So in different teachings, in Buddhism, the Hindu tradition, Hebrew tradition, Catholic tradition, it’s kind of a different scale, but they are showing the same way of progression to go to the light, and the master of light can be the master of whatever tradition, it doesn’t matter. He’s just a master of the light. And he teaches and creates, and acts in the universe as a creator. The name doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter at all… It’s just a matter of realizing it. So this is available for all of us. At a certain level of mastery we are not in the matter anymore.”

“In Tai Chi we just go across sometimes, across some boulders, and we go there and come back, and sometimes you hear ‘Woah! What happened here?’ So I’m not going to explain everything, but sure, we get a little bit out of time, we get a little bit out of body, but of the matter, so we go more to this place where we are powerfully created, and we come back. And with some of these teachers, it’s obvious. I’ve seen it a few times, and it’s just Wow! I don’t know what to think!”

* I apologize for any misspellings of names or any misinterpretations made in transcribing this interview.