Scholarly Web Sources

Tutt Library History Database Links – Periodical Databases, Fulltext sources etc.  


Library of Congress Exhibit – 1492 – Primary Source links 


Primary documents – America and Voyages of Discovery 


Sources for Advanced Research in Latin American Studies


Digital Librarian- Latin American Resources 


Library of Congress Hispanic Reading Room 


Mexican Archives project at Univ. of Texas.  Site may suggest topics or names for further research.  Not as helpful for direct access to primary sources. 


Primary Source links – University of Texas.  Exploration period and later.


Fordham – Primary Source links. Good 19th Century Latin American links


H-Net – Humanities and Social Sciences Online.  Search page indexed scholarly book reviews, discussion logs and websites:  :


Bibliography on the History of Ideas in Latin America


H-South - Bibliographies, journals, etc


H-LatAm - international forum for the scholarly discussion of Latin American History



Latin American History Resources – Latin American Information Center 


Latin American - Pre-Columbian and the Encounter


The Computerized Information Retrieval System (CIRS) on Columbus and the Age of Discovery in 1989.   CIRS is a text retrieval system containing over 1100 text articles from magazines, journals, newspapers, speeches, official calendars and other sources relating to various encounter themes  


Collection of links to primary source documents on the Conquest 



Historical Map Collections: