Peter Blasenheim




Sept. 1:  LECTURE: West Africa and Central Africa--Traditional States


Sept. 2: DISCUSSION: History from Unwritten Sources

               McCall, Africa in Time-Perspective (skim chapters six and seven)

               Collins: Introduction

               Klein and Johnson:

               Chapter 1: The Early Record

               Person, "Chronology and Oral Tradition"

               Oliver, "The Problem of the Bantu Expansion"

               Collins: Problem II. Bantu Origins and Migrations

               Read Guthrie and Greenberg

               K & J: Coquery-Vedrovitch, "Research on an African Mode of Production" in Chapter 1

               Collins: Reefe, "The Luba-Lunda Empire"

               Collins: Problem V. Women in African Societies

               Read introduction and Oyewumi


Sept. 3: LECTURE: South and East Africa--Traditional States


Sept. 4:  DISCUSSION: Traditional States

K & J: Chapter 2--African Kingdoms

Vansina, "A Comparison of African Kingdoms"


Beattie, "Bunyoro: An African Feudality?"

Collins: Musisi in Problem V

Collins: Problem III. African Trade and States

Read introduction, Omer-Cooper, Vansina

and Beach

Bradbury, "The Kingdom of Benin"

Lombard, "The Kingdom of Dahomey"


Sept. 7: NO CLASS


Sept. 8: LECTURE: Africa and Portugal--Kongo and N=gola/Ndongo


Sept. 9: DISCUSSION: Case Study of a Traditional State--Kongo

Davidson, The African Slave Trade, Chapter 4 on


Hilton, The Kingdom of Kongo

Thornton, The Kingdom of the Kongo

FIRST PAPER DUE: Traditional States and/or Kongo

(suggested length of 4 pages)


Sept. 10: LECTURE: Portuguese Mozambique, the Portuguese Slave

                Trade and the Northern European Slave Trade


Sept. 11: DISCUSSION: The Slave Trade

K & J: Chapter 3--Africa and the Slave Trade

Fage, "Slavery and the Slave Trade in the

Context of West African History"

Rodney, "African Slavery and Other Forms

of Oppression on Upper Guinea Coast"

Collins: Problem VI. Slavery in Africa

Read introduction, Meirs and Kopytoff,

Lovejoy and Kopytoff

Collins: Klein in Problem V

Davidson, The African Slave Trade

Curtin, Africa Remembered, Part I (but skim introduction to Ayuba Suleiman Diallo), SKIP Part II and READ Part III, 9 and 10


Sept. 14: LECTURE: Africa and Europe, 1800-1879

DISCUSSION: Islam in Africa

Collins: Problem IV. Islam in Africa


Sept. 15: NO CLASS

SECOND PAPER DUE: Slavery and Slave Trade Controversies

(suggested length of 3 pages)


Sept. 16: DISCUSSION: Toward Colonial Rule

K & J: Wrigley, "The Christian Revolution in Buganda"

Spitzer, "The Sierra Leone Creoles" from Africa and

the West

Herskowitz, AThe Sierra Leoneans of Yorubaland@

K & J: Lynch, "The Native Pastorate Controversy"

Idowu, "Assimilation in 19th Century Senegal"

Collins: Brooks in Problem V

K & J: Dike, "The Rise of Ja Ja"

Collins: Jones in Problem III


Sept. 17: LECTURE: Berlin and the Scramble for Africa


Sept. 18: DISCUSSION: What Caused the Scramble for Africa?

K & J: Hopkins, "Economic Imperialism in Western

Africa: Lagos, 1880-1892"--READ VERY CAREFULLY

Selections from Betts and Collins, Historical Problems of Imperial Africa (handouts)


Sept. 21: SHORT LECTURE: Themes in Colonial History

DISCUSSION: Collaboration or Resistance?

Collins: Collaboration or Resistance to European Rule? (handouts from Problem II)

K & J: Chapter 7--The Transformation of African Life

Balandier, "Messianism and Nationalism in Black Africa"

Chapter 8--Resistance and Nationalism

Ajayi, "Nineteenth Century Origins of

Nigerian Nationalism"

Iliffe, "The Organization of the Maji Maji


Ranger, "Connections Between 'Primary Resistance' Movements and Modern

Mass Nationalism in East and Central



Sept. 22: DISCUSSION: Patterns of Colonialism

Collins: Colonial Rule in Africa (handouts from Problem III)

K & J: Chapter 6--Colonial Domination

Crowder, "Indirect Rule--French and British Style"

Ogot, "British Administration in the Central

Nyanza District of Kenya, 1900-1960"

Clignet & Foster, "French and British

Colonial Education in Africa"


Sept. 23: Third Paper Due: Berlin and the Scramble or Colonial Domination or African Resistance

(suggested length of 5 to 6 pages)


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