Frederick Tinsley

Years at the college:   1977 - Present

B.A. Middlebury College 1973
M.A. & M.S. University of Wisconsin 1976
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin 1977

Fresh from the University of Wisconsin, Fred Tinsley joined the department with a specialty in geometric topology. Tinsley maintained the momentum of his graduate research and did not let the small college atmosphere bring professional isolation. Instead, he continued a research program that drew the attention of topologists across the country. A few years into his career, he connected with R. J. Daverman at the University of Tennessee, and together they wrote several important papers.

Tinsley also earned an M.S. in Statistics while at the University of Wisconsin. In 1986, his interest blossomed into a sophomore level course introducing students to linear models. After developing the course for a few years, he alternated with Steven Janke in teaching the course every other year. In the 1990's, together they turned notes for the course into a book-length manuscript: Introduction to Linear Models and Statistical Inference.

Tinsley maintains a strong presence at the college. He has twice chaired the key faculty committee (now the Faculty Executive Committee), the main source of faculty governance on campus. From the fall of 1991 until the spring of 1994, he was chair of the mathematics department. Over the years, his statistical prowess has proved valuable both for the AAUP faculty salary committee and for the Dean's office as they reviewed statistics on student retention.

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