Technical Director

Starting in the fall of 1995, the Math Department annually hired a paraprofessional in computer science to help keep hardware and software running as well as to help students taking computer science courses. It became clear that since the paraprofessionals typically stayed one year and certainly not more than two, there was a problem with continuity from year to year and the yearly training period hampered the productivity of the position. Finally, in the spring of 2001, the department convinced the college to hire a full-time technical director. So it was that in the fall of 2001, Amy Pacheco joined the department as the first Technical Director. Amy had earned her BA degree (1999) from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in Anthropology and Computer Science. Soon after she began work, the department gained a new assurance that hardware and software needs would be met effectively and efficiently as computer science began another development spurt.

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