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Scott Horn - '83

Alan Mishell - '93. I have been running my own computer consulting firm, A-LAN Computing Solutions, Inc., since 1996. I mostly work for environmental nonprofits, with a few law firms thrown in to pay the bills. In between working, skiing, fishing, and otherwise recreating in the mountains, I still find time to do some amateur astronomy with my 8" Celestron telescope. The seeing here is great, and I hope to someday figure out why my makeshift PC cam turned CCD astrophotography camera still isn't working. If anyone has any ideas on the camera, or wants some dark skies to observe, you're more than welcome to visit.

Michael West - '93 - Seismology and Geophysics
New Mexico State University
Interests: Using seismic techniques to image the subsurface of the Earth with an emphasis on understanding the creation of magma and its transport to the surphace.

Bethany Marsh - '03

Kat Baker - '03 - I will be attending the University of Oklahoma starting fall '04 to study astrophysics.

John Holocek - I'm now in my second year of the PhD graduate program at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego. I'm in the climate science division and am studying atmospheric aerosols, identifying their size and chemical composition at the single particle level. At the moment, I'm investigating the affect of volcanoes on atmospheric chemistry and the earth's radiative budget. When I'm not working, I try to get out and hike, camp, and surf. Look me up if you are in the San Diego area -- it's not Colorado, but it is still fairly nice.

Matthew Byers - I am currently pursuing my masters in architecture at the Yale School of Architecture. I am also engaged to be married on July 10, 2004 to the girl I met while studying abroad on the ACM London and Florence program during my junior year at CC. She attended St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota as an undergraduate and lives in Minneapolis. So, after graduation from CC, I moved to Minneapolis for a year and bartended before applying to graduate school.

Kenneth Olivier - This past summer I was once again working for Timberline Tours in Vail as a Class V safety kayaker and a guide. As a Safety Kayaker one spends 99 percent of the season running rapids and sitting there watching rafts, the the other one percent earning one's keep doing rescues. Guiding is harder, but less glamourous. This fall I've been on the east coast working in West Virginia For Class VI River Runners and kayaking lots.

Vikren Sarkar - I am currently finishing up my Bachelor's of Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University. I graduate in May and am in the middle of applying to graduate school. I am looking at a Ph.D. in Medical Physics with the hope of working in radiation therapy.

Eric Boltz - Engineering/Business - I'm the president of a small company that manufactures high temperature oxygen sensors for process and combustion control applications. We're one of about 50 companies in the Halma Group (and English engineering conglomerate). I've got two amazing kids: a daughter named Marilyn who is 7 and a son named Keegan who is 5. They are the center of my universe. Been married to a wonderful woman named Monica for 8 years after meeting while I was living in Boulder and working at NIST.

Lennard Zinn '80 - I am an author, custom bike framebuilder, and bicycle and ski technical writer living in Boulder. My wife, Sonya (neé West) is also a 1980 CC grad (theater and education). We have two daughters, aged 13 and 17 (Sarah and Emily).

Ari Long '98 graduated from University of Michigan Law School in the spring of 2003, and promptly moved from Ann Arbor, MI to Seattle, WA. In Seattle, Ari can play in the water lots and study the enormous variety of mushrooms that grow in the area. He practices intellectual property law (patents, copyrights, trademarks) which gives him the opportunity to see brilliant inventors show and tell their AMAZING inventions.

Micah Kiehl '02 got his MAT at CC in 2004 and is currently teaching high school
science in Anchorage, Alaska.

Katie Mae Chynoweth '04 is the paraprof!

Shannon Dorato '04 is currently working with Barbara Whitten on the second phase of the "What Works" project before grad school.

Bryan Hurlbutt '04 is the "Project Researcher for the 2005 Colorado College State of the Rockies Project" this school year.


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