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Colorado College has cooperative programs in engineering (3- 2 and 4-2 years) with Columbia University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, The University of Southern California, and Washington University (in St. Louis, Missouri). These cooperative programs lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree from Colorado College and a Bachelor of Science or Masters degree from one of the four engineering schools.

Under the 3-2 program, the student attends Colorado College for three years, then transfers to one of the four engineering schools for two additional years. At the end of the process, assuming satisfactory completion of all requirements, she or he receives both degrees. Under the 4-2 program, the student attends Colorado College for the full four years, receives the BA degree in the normal time, and then transfers to the engineering school for two additional years, receiving, there, the BS degree or possibly the MS (Master of Science) degree.

Clearly, the advantage of the 3-2 program over the 4-2 is that it only requires five years rather than six to complete. The advantage of the 4-2 program is that the student has more time to make up his or her mind about the program, has more flexibility in course choice while at Colorado College, and obtains the BA from Colorado College at the normal time and with the rest of his or her class. Some students prefer one program, some the other; both options have been used by students at Colorado College in the past. Either option is satisfactory to both Colorado College and the engineering schools.

In order to participate in these programs the student must satisfy certain Colorado College and engineering school requirements.


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