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Under the Cooperative Engineering Program, the Colorado College requirements are the regular ones that all students must satisfy (see The Colorado College Bulletin). Normally these requirements should be completed before the student leaves Colorado College because there are very few opportunities to take courses other than engineering courses during the final two years at the engineering schools. The only exception is that under the 3-2 program, the requirement for 32 units of academic credit are satisfied by transferring engineering course credits taken at the engineering school back to Colorado College. It is also possible to make up deficiencies at an accredited summer school. (Click here to see a sample three year program.)

Engineering School Course Requirements

These requirements vary somewhat from school to school, but, in general, in order to be accepted for admission into one of the cooperative programs, a student must have satisfactorily completed the following while at Colorado College:

Mathematics through differential equations (4 to 5 CC units)
Introduction to digital computing (at least 1 CC unit)
Calculus based physics (Physics 241, 242, and 251) (3 CC units)
Chemistry (2 CC units) (A student planning to go into chemical engineering needs to take at least two additional units of chemistry and should probably consider majoring in that field.)


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