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The following is a possible selection of courses that would satisfy the general requirements for a three-two program with a major in physics. If an entering student has advanced placement credit, takes adjunct or summer courses, or both, or chooses to spend four years at Colorado College, there is more flexibility in the choice of courses. Blocks with no course indicated may be filled with electives that satisfy college requirements such as the Critical Perspectives, language, and distribution requirements.

First Year
Block 1 elective
Block 2 elective
Block 3 MA 126 Calculus 1
Block 4 elective

Block 5 MA 128 Calculus 2
Block 6 PC 241 Introductory Classical Physics I
Block 7 PC 242 Introductory Classical Physics II
Block 8 elective

Second Year
Block 1 MA 203 Calculus 3
Block 2 PC 251 Introductory Modern Physics
Block 3 CH 107 Integrated General Chemistry I
Block 4 PC 261 Electronics

Block 5 MA 315 Differential Equations
Block 6 PC 341 Mechanics I
Block 7 MA 221 Computer Science I
Block 8 elective

Third Year
Block 1 PC 349 Thermal Physics
Block 2 elective
Block 3 PC 353 Electromagnetic Theory
Block 4 elective

Block 5 elective
Block 6 elective
Block 7 PC 361 Techniques of Experimental Physics
Block 8 CH 108 Integrated General Chemistry II

Prospective 3-2 students should notice that even though in principle there is adequate time in three years to meet all the requirements, nevertheless there is none too much to spare and certain difficulties may arise if the program is not carefully planned. For example, Physics 242 is offered only in the spring and Physics 251 is offered only in the fall and has 242 as a prerequisite. Therefore, one can not wait until the third year to take Physics 242; the second year is the latest it could be taken. Any student who is uncertain about applying for the engineering program, choosing what field to major in, or deciding which engineering school to go to might well consider the 4-2 option, since this loosens one's schedule considerably, allowing enough time to make these decisions.


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