1996 Charting Book

Charting the Colorado Plateau: An Economic and Demographic Exploration


Walter E. Hecox with Bradley L. Ack

A Research Report of the Grand Canyon Trust

Flagstaff, Arizona

February, 1996

Grand Canyon Trust Press Release (Adobe Acrobat)

Preface by Brad Ack (Adobe Acrobat)

Charting the Colorado Plateau 1996 Book (Adobe Acrobat)


1997 Beyond the Boundaries Book

Beyond the Boundaries: The Human And natural Communities Of the Greater Grand Canyon

A Report by the Grand Canyon Trust

Flagstaff, Arizona

July, 1997

Grand Canyon Trust Press Release- July 16, 1997 (Adobe Acrobat)

Preface (Adobe Acrobat)

Author's Notes and Acknowledgements (Adobe Acrobat)

Beyond the Boundaries 1997 Book (Adobe Acrobat)


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