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Christine Smith Siddoway

Current Research

Collaborative research in Antarctica, carried out jointly with colleagues from University of Maryland and Curtin Technol. University in Perth, focuses on the fundamental process of formation of continental crust, through metamorphic transformations and melting.  The study site is in the migmatite-granite complex of the Fosdick Mountains in West Antarctica. The project is part of a long-term research program exploring the geological evolution of Marie Byrd Land within the context of Mesozoic Gondwana, the development of the Mesozoic West Antarctic rift system, and the tectonic processes that led to breakup of the active margin of the Gondwana supercontinent in Cretaceous time.  A bibliography of published works follows, below.

Participation in U.S. Antarctic Program

  • 1989 Tectonics of the Scotia Arc, International Geological Congress Field Trip to Tierra del Fuego and Antarctic Peninsula, led by Ian W.D. Dalziel and based off of R/V Polar Duke.

  • 1989-1991 Geological and Geophysical Studies in the Ford Ranges of Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica, Ph.D. research supported by NSF-OPP 8817615 to B. Luyendyk and D. Kimbrough, University of California – Santa Barbara

  • 1998-2001 Air-Ground Study of Tectonics at the Boundary Between the Eastern Ross Embayment and Western Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica: Basement Geology and Structure. NSF-OPP 9615282

  • 2004-07 Gneiss dome architecture: Investigation of form and process in the Fosdick Mountains, West Antarctica, NSF-OPP 0338279

  • 2010-13  Polyphase orogenesis and crustal differentiation in West Antarctica, NSF- OPP-0944600.
  • 2010-2011 Research at Undergraduate Institutions: Development of an on-line GIS repository of geological data from the Ford Ranges, Marie Byrd Land, and application to Cenozoic paleogeography reconstruction, NSF-OPP-0944777

Participation in international research programs in Antarctica

  • 1992-93 GANOVEX VII, 7th German Antarctic North Victorialand Expedition

  • 1995-96 Programma Nazionale di Ricerche in Antartide, Spedizione X: Lanterman Range (“Camp Jackman”) via Terra Nova Bay station. Collaboration with Carlo Alberto Ricci, Università di Siena, Italy; with funding from NSF-OPP 9702161

Links to web resources

Antarctic Master Directory metadata description, Global Change Master Directory

SESAR sample registration via online search routine

Recent Publications (pdfs available on request)

Siddoway, C., in prep, Geology of West antarctica (invited chapter), in Kleinschmidt, G., ed. Geology of the Antarctic Continent, Stuttgart: Gubrűder Borntraeger Verlagsbuchhandlung.

Korhonen, F.J., Brown, M., Grove, M., Siddoway, C.S., Baxter, E.F., and Inglis, J.D., in review, Separating polymetamorphic events in the Fosdick migmatite-granite complex, West Antarctica, J. Metamorphic Geology.

Brown, M., Korhonoen, F.J., and Siddoway, C.S., 2011, Organizing Melt Flow Through the Crust, Mineralogical Association of Canada, Elements, v. 7, 261-266.

Siddoway, C.S., 2010, Microplate motion, Nature Geoscience (April 11), v. 3 (4), 225-226. doi:10.1038/ngeo835.

McFadden, R., Siddoway, C.S., Teyssier, C., and Fanning, C.M., 2010, Cretaceous oblique extensional deformation and magma accumulation in the Fosdick Mountains migmatite-cored gneiss dome, West Antarctica, Tectonics, v. 29, TC4022, doi:10.1029/2009TC002492.

Korhonen, F.J., Saito, S., Brown, M., Siddoway, C.S., and Day, J., 2010, Multiple generations of granite in the Fosdick Mountains, Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica: Implications for polyphase intracrustal differentiation in a continental margin setting, Journal of Petrology, 51 (3) 627-670, doi:10.1093/petrology/egp093.

Korhonen, F.J., Saito, S., Brown, M., and Siddoway, C.S., 2010, Modeling multiple melt loss events in the evolution of an active continental margin, Lithos, doi:10.1016/j.lithos.2009.09.004.

McFadden, R., Teyssier, C., Siddoway, C.S., Whitney, D., and Fanning, C.M., 2010, Oblique dilation, melt transfer, and gneiss dome emplacement, Geology, v. 38, p. 375-378, doi:101130/G30493.1.

Siddoway, C. and Fanning, C.M., 2009, Paleozoic tectonism on the East Gondwana margin: Evidence from SHRIMP U-Pb zircon geochronology of a migmatite-granite complex in West Antarctica, Tectonophysics, v. 477 (3-4), p. 262-277, doi:10.1016/j.tecto.2009.04.021.

Siddoway, C., 2008, Tectonics of the West Antarctic rift system: New light on the history and dynamics of distributed intracontinental extension (invited paper) in Cooper, A.K., P.J. Barrett, H.Stagg, B.Storey, E.Stump, W.Wise, and the 10th ISAES editorial team (eds.), Antarctica: A Keystone in a Changing World, Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press, p. 91-114.

Siddoway, C. and Siddoway, M., 2007, Geometrical analysis of structural data collected at high South latitude: A modular arithmetic method that addresses meridional convergence. In: Cooper, A. and Raymond, C., Antarctica: A Keystone in a Changing World, U.S. Geological Survey, USGS OFR-2007-1047, doi:10.3133/of2007-1047.srp061, http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2007/1047/srp/srp061/. 5 pages.

McFadden R., C. S. Siddoway, C. Teyssier, C. M. Fanning, and S. C. Kruckenberg, 2007, Cretaceous oblique detachment tectonics in the Fosdick Mountains, Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica. In: Cooper, A. and Raymond, C., Antarctica: A Keystone in a Changing World. U.S. Geological Survey, USGS OFR-2007-1047, doi:10.3133/of2007-1047.srp046, http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2007/1047/srp/srp046. 6 pages.

Gaffney, Amy M. and Siddoway C.S., 2007, Heterogeneous sources for Pleistocene lavas of Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica: new data from the SW Pacific diffuse alkaline magmatic province (extended abstract). In: Cooper, A. and Raymond, C., Antarctica: A Keystone in a Changing World. Proceedings and Conference Abstracts, U.S. Geological Survey, USGS OFR-2007-1047, http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2007/1047/ea/of2007-1047ea063.pdf. 4 pages.

Korhonen, F.J., M. Brown, and C.S. Siddoway, 2007, Petrologic and geochronological constraints on the polymetamorphic evolution of the Fosdick migmatite dome, Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica(extended abstract). In: Cooper, A. and Raymond, C., Antarctica: A Keystone in a Changing World. Proceedings and Conference Abstracts, U.S. Geological Survey, USGS OFR-2007-1047, http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2007/1047/ea/of2007-1047ea049.pdf. 4 pages.

Saito, S. Korhonen, F.J., M. Brown, and C.S. Siddoway, 2007, Petrogenesis of granites in the Fosdick migmatite dome, Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica (extended abstract). In: Cooper, A. and Raymond, C., Antarctica: A Keystone in a Changing World. Proceedings and Conference Abstracts, U.S. Geological Survey, USGS OFR-2007-1047, http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2007/1047/ea/of2007-1047ea105.pdf; 4 pages.

Siddoway, C., 2007, Geology of Marie Byrd Land (invited paper), in Riffenburgh, B., ed., Encyclopedia of the Antarctic, volume 2, New York: Routledge, p. 623-627.

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Siddoway, C.S., Sass, L.C. III, Esser, R.P., 2005, Kinematic history of the Marie Byrd Land terrane, West Antarctica: Direct evidence from Cretaceous mafic dykes, in Vaughan, A., Leat, P., and Pankhurst, R.J. (eds.), Terrane Processes at the Margin of Gondwana, Geological Society of London, Special Publication 246, p. 417-438.

Siddoway, C.S; Richard, S.; Fanning, C.M.; and Luyendyk, B. P., 2004, Origin and emplacement mechanisms for a middle Cretaceous gneiss dome, Fosdick Mountains, West Antarctica, in Whitney, D.L., Teyssier, C.T., and Siddoway, C., eds., Gneiss domes in orogeny, GSA Special Paper 380, p. 267-294.

Siddoway, C.S.; Baldwin, S.; Fitzgerald, P.G., Fanning, C.M.; and Luyendyk, B.P., 2004, Ross Sea mylonites and the timing of intracontinental extension within the West Antarctic rift system, Geology, v. 32, no. 1, p. 57-60.

Luyendyk, B. P., Wilson, D. and Siddoway, C.S., 2003, The eastern margin of the Ross Sea Rift in western Marie Byrd Land: Crustal structure and tectonic development: Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems (G3), v. 4 (10), 1090, doi:10.1029/2002GC000462. www.agu.org/journals/gc/

Stone, J.O., Balco, G.A., Sugden, D.E., Caffee, M.W., Sass, L.C., III, Cowdery, S., Siddoway , C., 2003, Late Deglaciation of Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica, Science, v. 299, p. 99-102.

Acknowledgments and Thanks!   [...in no particular order... Click on thumbnails to see a larger image or on bold text to link to other resources]


Juan Basurto, Science Cargo

Cool Hand Luke


Jennifer Haywood

Mike Roberts

Allen O'Bannon

Christian Teyssier

Rory McFadden

fosdick fog bow

Jessy Jenkins, RPSC

Jason Picek & ChuckSlade [KBA]

Sierra Juliet Bravo [KBA]

Matt Charnetski (RPS) & John Kominko (KBA)

Sarah Krall & MacOps


Anne Whitehead

“Ford Camp” staff

Steve Richard & Dave Kimbrough

Louis Sass, John Stone, Seth Cowdery

Dick van der Wateren & Rob Meyer; Scott Lippa & Duncan Russell [KBA]

More thanks are in order and will be posted as photos become available…

The material at this site is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under awards OPP-9615282 and -0338279. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

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