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Colorado College Diversity Task Force: Image of diverse student and faculty groups

*10 Ways You Can Support Diversity at Colorado College

  1. Read CC’s mission and core values. Help to make these ideals real in the way you approach your work and interactions at the college.
  2. Watch the Diversity Task Force website at http://www.ColoradoCollege.edu/DTF/  and the daily “Digest” announcements for programs and activities which offer opportunities for direct participation and on-going learning about people who differ from you.
  3. Invite students with backgrounds that differ from your own to a meal at your house through the Breaking Bread program. Contact the Dean’s Office at 389-6689 for more information.
  4. Make connections with interested prospective students. Contact the Admissions Office at 389-6054.
  5. Attend at least two events per semester that focus on perspectives and/or are sponsored by on-campus groups whose backgrounds differ from your own.
  6. Talk to people!  Seek to establish at least one new relationship with a person who has a different background from your own.  Learn about their perspectives and share yours with them.
  7. Visit the Office of Minority Student Life in Worner Center to find out about resources they offer and ask for other suggestions!
  8. Seek creative, collaborative ways to work through conflicts when they arise, whether cultural, ideological, or other (hint: resources are available to you -- just talk with a member of the Diversity Task Force for access and support.)
  9. Move beyond “The Golden Rule.”  Consider doing to others as they themselves would have done to them, rather than doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  10. Read a book or watch a film by an author or filmmaker who possesses a different background/perspective from your own.  Visit the DTF website at http://www.ColoradoCollege.edu/DTF/ or Tutt Library for a list of readings, videos and DVDs on reserve (just ask at the Reserve Desk).

Bonus: Suggest additions to this list by contacting the Diversity Task Force!

* Soon to be 20…or 50…or 100…help us grow this list!

For more information, please contact Victor Nelson-Cisneros, DTF co-chair, at 389-6686, or any member of the task force.

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