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ANTHROPOLOGY, presented by Professor Sarah Hautzinger

H. Marie Wormington Award

The H. Marie Wormington Award in Anthropology was established in 1979 by Wormington and her husband, George D. Volk, to honor the outstanding graduating senior in anthropology. Wormington, who died in 1994, was a former curator of archaeology at the Denver Museum of Natural History and an adjunct professor at Colorado College. Her own distinguished career was devoted to the Paleo-Indian period of New World prehistory, but it was the couple’s desire to recognize student achievements in the discipline as a whole. The criteria for the Wormington Award are a high academic record, notable aptitude for and accomplishment in field research, leadership and participation in the department’s programs, and dedication to the discipline of anthropology.

The Courtney Cusick Memorial Prize — Chelsea Kuiper, Charlotte Moroz

The Courtney Cusick Memorial Prize was created in 2003 in memory of anthropology major Courtney Cusick, who died tragically in an automobile accident in January 2002, in the middle of her senior year. An avid and accomplished naturalist even before entering college, Cusick left her friends, fellow students and professors impressed with her hunger for knowledge and dedication to serious academic study. The Cusick prize is awarded for the outstanding senior paper in anthropology.

ART, presented by Professor Gale Murray

Outstanding Senior Thesis in Art Studio — Emily Hargraves, Lyria Shaffer-Bauck

Outstanding Senior Thesis in Art History — Carrie Swint, Eugenia Ballve

Mary Chenoweth Award — Karl Fisher

Mary Chenoweth taught art at Colorado College from 1957 through 1983. Professor Chenoweth, who died in 1999, is remembered not only as a dedicated artist, but also as a free spirit with a zany sense of humor. When she retired, members of the Class of 1983 and other friends established a fund in her honor. Each year a book is given to the graduating senior art major who best exemplifies Mary Chenoweth’s talent, spirit, and humor.

Craig Herst Arts Prize Scholar Award — Mary Bolton

The CHAPS prize was established by family and friends in memory of Craig Herst, a member of the Class of 1989. In 1998, Herst died tragically of injuries sustained from a car accident which occurred shortly after his graduation from Colorado College. A gifted artist and sculptor whose work reveals surprising maturity and sophistication, Herst is remembered fondly as a very vibrant, athletic, and personally engaging young man with a promising future in the arts. The Craig Herst Arts Prize Scholar or CHAPS prize is awarded annually to a junior studio art major who embodies Herst’s passion for the arts and has demonstrated excellence during his/her career at Colorado College. The prize will support research or creative work, which may well be a part of the recipient’s senior show.

ASIAN STUDIES, presented by Professor Hong Jiang

Excellence in Asian Studies — Samuel Roe

The Asian studies faculty wishes to honor its exceptional students with this prize, which celebrates their high academic achievement in Asian studies and their outstanding contributions to the success of this program.

BIOLOGY, presented by Professor Marc Snyder

Richard G. and Reba Beidleman Award — Evan Goldman, Kyle Nehring

Upon his retirement in 1988, after 31 years in the biology department, Professor Beidleman established this award from funds he received from the Burlington Northern Outstanding Teacher Award. The Beidleman Award is given annually to a student who has demonstrated, through classroom and fieldwork, the greatest potential for becoming a professional ecologist or field biologist. In 1990, after the tragic death of Professor Beidleman’s wife in an automobile accident, the biology department added Reba’s name to the award in recognition of her many contributions to environmental preservation in the Colorado Springs area.

Laboratory Biology Award — Avery Mackenzie

This award is made to a senior biology major whose interests and coursework are mainly in the area of laboratory-based biology. The criteria for selecting a recipient for this award are: grades in biology courses with a laboratory component, performance in lab-based research, preferably for a senior thesis, and plans for post-graduate work or study.

Jason Wilkes Memorial Biology Award — Jillian Cypher, Amanda Maestas, Valerie Rivera, Sarah Rodriguez

The Jason Wilkes Memorial Award is intended to recognize an outstanding minority student majoring in biology. This award was started by Lorna Wilkes in memory of her beloved son, Jason Wilkes, Class of 1993, who died in a climbing accident at the start of his senior year at Colorado College, and his lifelong interest in nature and the environment.

Enderson Award in Conservation Biology — John Lovell, Jeremy Sueltenfuss

The Enderson Award in Conservation Biology honors Professor Jim Enderson, who joined the biology department in 1962, long before it was fashionable to call oneself a “conservation biologist.” Throughout his career, research centered on the precipitous declines of birds of prey, especially the peregrine falcon. He was the first to breed the temperate North American peregrine in captivity, a line used extensively in restoration of the western population. He served on several recovery teams and working groups for endangered species. At Colorado College he inspired students through independent projects to pursue careers from botany to ornithology, in the lab and in the field. In keeping with his scholarship and breadth as a biologist, the Enderson Award honors a junior or senior biology major who, in the opinion of the faculty, has shown commitment and productivity in an original research project in conservation biology. Candidates are eligible if their work has conservation implications, whether the focus is molecular, organismic, or ecosystem, lab or field.

Mary Alice Hamilton Award in Biology — Tess Jankovsky, Young Yi

For many years the biology department has recognized the top graduating biology major with this award, which is based on academic performance within the biology department, undergraduate research, and prospects for a successful career in biology. After the retirement of Professor Mary Alice Hamilton from the department in 1977, the biology department renamed the biology award in Professor Hamilton’s honor to recognize her 27 years as a devoted faculty member in the department.

Alfred W. Alberts Summer Research Prize — Sarah Roggensack

The Alfred W. Alberts Summer Research Prize is awarded to a deserving student who will conduct summer research in biochemistry or molecular biology.

CHEMISTRY, presented by Professor Ted Lindeman

Otis A. and Margaret T. Barnes Departmental Service Award — David Booth

This award was established in 1952 by the Otis A. and Margaret T. Barnes Trust in honor of the chemistry major who, in the judgment of the chemistry department faculty, has contributed the most in helping and furthering the chemistry program at Colorado College. It includes a one-year membership in the American Chemical Society.

First-Year Chemistry Award — Lung Li

This award consists of the latest edition of the “CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics,” and is given to the first-year student, regardless of major, who is deemed to have been the most outstanding student in chemistry in his or her first year. The handbook is supplied by the publisher, CRC Press, and has been given nationally for many years.
Second place winner: Amanda Wierzba

William C. Champion Prize in Organic Chemistry — Lee Pedzisa, Arron Wolk

Professor Champion (CC 1959–1993) was loved by his colleagues and students for his knowledge of organic chemistry; his compassion as a teacher, advisor, and friend; and his high ethical standards. This award, in his memory, honors the most outstanding student in courses in organic chemistry (any combination of Chemistry 250, 251, 155, 255, 351 and 352) taken during the previous year.

Merck Index Awards in Chemistry and Biochemistry — Kyle O'Keefe-Sally, Alexis Franks

Each of these awards is given to a graduating senior, based on scholastic achievement respectively in chemistry and biochemistry. They are sponsored by Merck and Company, Inc., a major pharmaceutical company and publisher of the “Merck Index,” which is the handbook awarded. The award has been given nationally for many years.

ACS Analytical Chemistry Award — Everett Moding

This award goes to a junior who has excelled in analytical chemistry courses and whose plans for a science career promise further work in this field. The award, sponsored by the American Chemical Society analytical division, includes a subscription to the ACS journal Analytical Chemistry.

Crecelius Family Research Award — David Booth, Keri Nelson

This award was established by the Crecelius family: Daniel N. Crecelius ’59 and Anahid Tashjian Crecelius, and their daughter, Gia M. Crecelius (chemistry ’91). The award recognizes a chemistry or biochemistry student who has done extraordinary work in research. It is intended to assist the recipient with travel to present research results at a major professional meeting.

CLASSICS, presented by Professor Owen Cramer

John Bryant and Miriam Gile Hartwell Prize — Sami Adler, Nathaniel Kidd

The prize was established in 1981 to honor students who have displayed unusual interest and ability in the study of the classics. Hartwell, a friend of the college staff and lover of the classics, graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Yale in 1900, received an M.D. from Harvard in 1904, and practiced surgery for many years in Colorado Springs. He married Miriam Gile, a daughter of Moses Clement Gile, professor of classics at CC from 1892 to 1916, whose name is perpetuated in a chair at the college.

Gile Hartwell Summer Travel Prize — David Bennett, Marielle Cowdin, Erin LeFils-Shaw, Sarah Matthews

This prize will fund a student’s travel to Italy or Greece.

COMPARATIVE LITERATURE, presented by Professor William Davis

Excellence in Comparative Literature — Rachel Feder

The comparative literature faculty wishes to commend its exceptional students with this prize. It thereby recognizes their high academic achievements in coursework, creativity in senior theses, as well as linguistic abilities and general personal contributions to the continuing success of this program.

DRAMA AND DANCE, presented by Professor Thomas Lindblade

Broadway Theatre League Award — Emily Van Brunt

In 1965 the Broadway Theatre League, in liquidating its assets, offered a donation to Colorado College indicating a preference that it be used to further drama on the campus. Since then, this award is given to an outstanding student or students in the drama and dance department.

Pamela Riley Prize — Sarah Hoeynck

During her 11 years at Colorado College, Pamela Riley taught and directed in the drama and dance department. Our students loved her because of her high performance standards, her infectious energy, her fearless dedication, and her warm good nature. The Pamela Riley Prize is given to the graduating senior who has contributed similar qualities of devoted service and excellence to our program.

ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS, presented by Professor Larry Stimpert

Kenneth J. Curran Award — Lisa Smid

The Kenneth J. Curran Award is the result of Curran’s deep commitment to the liberal arts ideal. It is given to the graduate in economics with the highest academic average in courses taken in the divisions of humanities and natural sciences, with a minimum of nine units outside the department of economics.

Kenneth J. and Elizabeth Hare Curran Award — Megan McCallister

The Kenneth J. and Elizabeth Hare Curran Award is given each year to the outstanding senior graduate in economics. The award is given in memory of Professor Kenneth J. Curran and his wife, Elizabeth Hare Curran. He was a beloved teacher of economics, chairman of the department, and dean of the college.

Robert William Kaye Prize — Walter Sweatt II, Nicholas Wold

The Robert William Kaye Prize is presented to the outstanding economics major with strong performance in business courses. Robert Kaye was a business major in the Class of 1941. He served his country in World War II in the U.S. Marine Corps and was killed in action in March 1944. This award was established by the family and friends of Captain Kaye.

Robert E. Rubin Award in Political Economy — Spenser Shadle

This award is given to the outstanding senior graduate in either American political economy or international political economy.

Robert E. Rubin Award in Mathematical Economics — Eason Jostad

This award is given to the outstanding senior graduate in mathematical economics.

EDUCATION, presented by Professor Charlotte Mendoza

Award for Excellence in Teacher Education — Diana Robinson

The education department honors an exemplary teacher education candidate as he or she is about to leave Colorado College and enter the teaching profession. This award is to the student who best combines overall excellence in his or her academic and education programs with outstanding performance in student teaching.

Lori Anne Lowe Memorial Award — Amanda Bench, Holly Fitzpatrick, Jennifer Heiss, Kristin Muller

Lori Anne Lowe graduated from the Master of Arts in Teaching elementary education program in 1991. Lowe was in the midst of the exciting process of setting up her first classroom when she was killed. Lowe was a person of integrity and genuine caring for all those around her but especially children. Her classmates, family, and friends established an endowed fund at the college so that proceeds from the fund could be used for cash awards to graduating teacher education students who best exemplify her spirit and commitment to learners. The awards are given to beginning teachers to assist them in setting up their classrooms for their new students.

ENGLISH, presented by Professor Jane Hilberry

Evelyn May Bridges Poetry Awards — Rachel Feder

The Bridges prize for student poetry has been given for more than 60 years. The award honors Evelyn May Bridges, who, at age nine, published a poem about death that gained her national recognition. After Bridges died in early adolescence, her father endowed the Bridges poetry prize in her honor.
Second Place – Lucilena Williams
Third Place – Tara Menon

Adelaide Bender Reville Fiction Awards — Katherine Standefer

These awards were established in 1982 by Paul Reville, a 1971 graduate of Colorado College, in honor of his mother. The prizes recognize the best stories submitted in the spring of each year to a committee of members of the English department.
Second Place – Christopher Benz
Honorable Mention – Keli McArthur, Tara Menon, Jacob Mercer

Frank Krutzke Senior Project Award — Michael Meyer

The Krutzke award was established in 1985 by a 1974 Colorado College graduate. It honors Frank Krutzke, who taught in the English department from 1939 to 1973. Professor Krutzke taught American literature as his specialty, but he was famous for the breadth of his reading and interests. He exemplified the dedicated teacher, scholarly and humane. The Krutzke award honors the best critical (non-creative writing) senior essay.
Second Place – Thomas Barry

The Colorado College Awards in Literature — Sean Anderson-Branowitzer, Ian Asbjornsen, Leath Tonino, Jean Winberry

Because of the generosity of an anonymous donor, the English department is able to give financial awards to students to complete independent literary projects of either a creative or critical/ academic nature. These students must return to the college after their summer or block projects, and may be majors in any department. (This award was presented to the students at an earlier date.)

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, presented by Professor Howard Drossman

Outstanding Senior Academic Award in Environmental Science — Rebecca Simpson

This award is provided to honor that student showing unusual academic excellence as well as a strong commitment to environmental science.

Distinguished Service Award in Environmental Science — Arica Crootof

This award is given to that senior (or sometimes junior) who has given exemplary service to the program and community and who also shows unusual promise to go on in the field.

FEMINIST AND GENDER STUDIES, presented by Professor Eileen Bresnahan

McGee Prize in Feminist and Gender Studies — Sheldon Kerr

The McGee Prize in Feminist and Gender Studies honors the memory of Shannon McGee, who was a gifted and enthusiastic student, a passionate individual, and an ardent feminist.

FORENSICS, presented by Chris Shaw, Director of Speech and Debate

Apollonian Award — Travis Whitsitt

The Apollonian Award is presented annually to outstanding students in debate. It has been given since 1907 in honor of the Apollonian Debating Society, one of the first debate and oratorical societies in the western half of the United States. The award was endowed by an anonymous donor and is in the form of a cash prize.
Second Place – Kate Storms
Third Place – Brian Boyle

GEOLOGY, presented by Professor Christine Siddoway

The William A. Fischer Special Recognition Award — Emily Parker

The William A. Fischer Special Recognition Award is given on occasion to a senior geology major who has demonstrated unusual ability, breadth, and interest both in geology and in the broader liberal arts and sciences. The person selected will receive an engraved geology rock pick.

Estwing Outstanding Senior Geologist Award — Jonathan Rotzien

Each year the Estwing Manufacturing Company of Rockford, Illinois, presents an award to an outstanding geology student at Colorado College for academic achievement and overall contribution to the geology department. The person selected will receive an engraved geology rock pick.

Association for Women Geoscientists Award — Helen Lynn

Each year the Denver Chapter of the Association for Women Geoscientists presents awards to the outstanding women geoscience students in colleges and universities throughout Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico. Certificates of merit will be awarded to the honorees at the chapter’s meeting in the Denver area. The person selected will also receive an engraved geology rock pick.

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists Award — Andrew Nelson

The Neal J. Harr Memorial Outstanding Student Award is made in recognition of exemplary scholastic achievement for the purpose of encouraging excellence in the field of earth sciences. Presentation at a regular RMAG luncheon meeting will include an engraved RMAG geology pick award for the outstanding senior-class geology student from each of 11 colleges and universities in Colorado.

The Patricia J. Buster Research Scholarship — Philip Armstrong, Meredith Bush, Sylvia Fadrhonc

These scholarships, established in 2000 in honor of Patricia J. Buster ’33, support outstanding Colorado College students in undertaking original research in geology and related earth sciences.

GERMAN, RUSSIAN, AND EAST ASIAN LANGUAGES, presented by Professor Joan Ericson

Support is provided for a full year of study at these two German universities:
University of Göttingen Scholarship – Yuli Feng
University of Regensburg Scholarship – Preston Brasch

Anne von Bibra Sutton German Scholarship — Tristan Bates, Lauren Sengenberger

The Anne von Bibra Sutton German Scholarship is an award given each year to a student in good standing. Criteria include progress in German language and proficiency and interest in German life and letters. The award was established by Judge Leonard von Bibra Sutton in honor of his mother, who taught German in the 1930s at Colorado College.

Max Kade Award in German — Christian Hollweck

The Max Kade Award in German is awarded to a student in good standing. Criteria include progress in German proficiency, knowledge of German literature, and interest in German life and letters. The award is made possible through funds from the Max Kade Foundation. Max Kade, a German immigrant, established the foundation to support and to further interest in German life and letters in the United States.

Japanese Language Award — Samuel Roe

Second Place – Garrett Bredell

Chinese Language Award — Edward Summers

HEALTH PROFESSIONS, presented by Professor Lamont Anderson

Frank Henry John Figge Award — Alexis Franks, Tyler Robin

The Frank Henry John Figge Award was established in 1964 by Frank Henry J. Figge of the Class of 1927. Figge’s purpose in establishing this award was to recognize outstanding students at Colorado College at the earliest stages of their medical career. Figge was a distinguished medical scientist and author, and for many years was the chairman of the department of anatomy at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. He was the editor and translator of the eighth and ninth English editions of the “Sobotta Atlas of Human Anatomy.” It is the latest edition of this excellent two-volume set that is awarded each year to an outstanding Colorado College senior who has been accepted into medical school. The recipient of this award is selected in recognition for scholarship and exemplary performance in pursuit of a career as a physician.

The Caduceus Award — Jill Oldewage

The Caduceus Award is a community service and community activity award that is given by the health professions office for outstanding student involvement. This award is not given annually, but is given to honor the student(s) who uses his or her innovation, creativity, and overall character and drive to make a difference on the campus and in the community. The Caduceus, the universal symbol of medicine, the wand of Hermes, reaffirms our commitment to these ideals.

HISTORY, presented by Professor Douglas Monroy

Clyde Augustus Duniway Prize — Christopher Bagnall

A Stanford University history professor turned administrator, Duniway served as president of the Universities of Montana and Wyoming, and Colorado College from 1917 to 1923. At Colorado College, his efforts to raise academic standards provoked a storm of student protest. The Duniway prize recognizes a history major’s strong achievement in history courses and contributions to the department.

Robert J. Cosgrove Historical Essay Prize — Amanda Dooley

The Robert J. Cosgrove Historical Essay Prize recognizes distinguished historical research and writing by a history major.

MATHEMATICS, presented by Professor Mike Siddoway

Thomas Post Rawles Prize — George Panos, Lung Li

The Thomas Post Rawles Prize is awarded each year on the basis of a competitive exam. The endowment for this fund was established in 1959 by Thomas H. Rawles in memory of his son, Thomas Post Rawles.

MUSIC, presented by Professor Michael Grace

Max Lanner Prize for Excellence in Instrumental Music — Katherine Caouette

This award was established in honor of Professor Max Lanner, who taught at Colorado College from 1946 to 1975, and was chair of the music department from 1951 to 1968.  Known nationally as a distinguished concert pianist, he performed widely in solo recitals, chamber music concerts, and as a soloist with orchestras, including five appearances with the Colorado Springs Symphony.

Marie Clough Gillis Award for Excellence in Vocal Music — Stephanie Brink

This award was established in memory of Marie Clough Gillis, member of the Colorado College Class of 1918. The award was established in 1989 by her nieces in honor of her love of vocal music.

David and Karen Smith Cowperthwaite Award for Excellence in Music — Stephanie Brink

David Cowperthwaite was a member of the Colorado College Class of 1960 and his wife, Karen, was enrolled as a member of the Class of 1962 when they were killed by lightning during a mountain expedition in 1960. The David and Karen Smith Cowperthwaite Award for Excellence in Music was instituted by their parents in their memory in 1962, the year Karen would have graduated.

PHILOSOPHY, presented by Professor Jonathan Lee

J. Glenn Gray Award — Robert Isham III

J. Glenn Gray, who died in 1977, was a distinguished member of the Colorado College philosophy department for many years. He believed in the civilizing function of philosophical inquiry and dedicated his life to inculcating its values in his students. The J. Glenn Gray Award honors those students who share his passion for philosophy and best demonstrate his skill and sensitivity at philosophical analysis.

Robert Lewis Award — Sean Anderson-Branowitzer, David Bennett

In 1980, Robert L. Lewis graduated from Colorado College as a philosophy major, the youngest of three brothers and the son of a mother who attended the college. In 1987, died tragically. He was a young man of exceptional gentleness of spirit, philosophical thoughtfulness, and personal integrity. He was deeply concerned with others. His contemporaries and faculty members who knew him well feel that he added to the meaning of their endeavors at the college and to the value of their own lives. In Lewis’s memory, his family and friends have established an award open to junior students from all departments. This award is given for summer research in philosophy to students who reflect Lewis’s intellectual qualities and his concern with human values.

PHYSICS, presented by Professor Richard Hilt

David and Karen Smith Cowperthwaite Award for Excellence in Physics — Michael Grabstein, Christopher Kempes

David Cowperthwaite was a member of the Colorado College Class of 1960 and his wife, Karen, was enrolled as a member of the Class of 1962 when they were killed by lightning during a mountain expedition in 1960. The David and Karen Smith Cowperthwaite Award for Excellence in Physics was instituted by their parents in their memory in 1962, the year Karen would have graduated.

Wilbur Wright Memorial Prize — Elizabeth Beckel, Sarah Matthews

This award was established in memory of Professor Wilbur Wright, a student at Colorado College in 1938 and a member of the faculty from 1956 to 1984, for his contributions to the physics department, his many Colorado College students, and to the college community. This award is for a graduating physics major or majors who exemplifies Wright’s standards and interests in physics and in academic work outside the department. That is, the award winner or winners should show an enthusiasm for the study of physics by hard work and achievement, though they need not have the highest GPA. Similar efforts in a discipline outside physics should show an understanding of the importance of the liberal arts for a science student.

POLITICAL SCIENCE, presented by Professor Eve Grace

Edith Bramhall Award — Spenser Shadle, Yaroslav Hetman

This award honors Edith Bramhall, who taught political science at Colorado College from 1920 to 1946. She was one of the first women to earn a Ph.D. in political science in the United States. The award is given annually to a student thought by the department faculty to be the outstanding scholar in the department.

Fred Sondermann Award — James Poirier, Melissa Wright

This award honors Fred A. Sondermann, who taught in the political science department from 1953 to 1978. Professor Sondermann was noted not only for teaching and scholarship, but also for service to the Colorado Springs community. The award is given annually for overall achievement and contribution to the department.

PSYCHOLOGY, presented by Professor Kristi Erdal

William Arthur Blakely Memorial Award — Jessica Bolen

The William Arthur Blakely Award is financed through funds provided by the family and friends of Blakely, who was a member of the psychology department from 1931 to 1959 and chair during most of that period. The award is presented to a student who shows exceptional promise for a career in psychology.

Cornelia Manley Sabine Award — Jennifer Mendoza

This award is presented annually to the outstanding graduating psychology senior on behalf of Cornelia Sabine, Class of ’49, a longtime supporter of Colorado College and the psychology department. This award serves as a tribute to Sabine, who has had a long and distinguished career in public service as a psychologist, working with both children and adults in Colorado. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in music from Northwestern University, Sabine and her husband, Paul, moved to Colorado Springs in 1947, where she obtained a B.A., magna cum laude, and an M.A. in human behavior from Colorado College. She subsequently earned an educational specialist degree from Stanford University, and became a licensed clinical psychologist in Colorado Springs, where she maintained a private practice for 30 years. Her advice to students is to use their knowledge of psychology to bring peace and understanding into relationships in our fractious modern world.

Sabine Scholarship in Psychology — Jill Bennett

The Sabine Scholarship in Psychology Award was established in 2007 to recognize the accomplishments of a deserving Colorado College psychology major. The selection of the recipient is based on the student’s academic record and contributions to the total life of the college. This scholarship is intended to reduce the loan component of the recipient’s financial aid award in their senior year.

RELIGION, presented by Professor David Weddle

Hastings Prize — Annie Kelvie

The Hastings Prize was established in 1900 by a gift from Frederick R. Hastings, an architect of Colorado Springs. The prize is awarded to the senior writing the best thesis on the philosophical interpretation of religion.

ROMANCE LANGUAGES, presented by Professor Michael O’Riley

Award in Excellence in French — Elizabeth Hendrickson

Award in Excellence in Italian — Amaya Perez-Brumer

Award in Excellence in Spanish — Lyria Shaffer-Bauck

Felisa Llorente Award — Mariya Connors

This award was established in honor of Felisa Llorente, who was the unofficial “mother” of the Spanish house for many years. She was generous with her time and talents, helping students to improve their Spanish and feeding many of them, both physically and intellectually. Llorente made costumes for plays and supported all activities of the Romance languages department. She was a generous, warm-hearted woman who will long be remembered.

Jeanne Gibbs Memorial Award — Alicia Puleo

Jeanne Gibbs was a 1962 graduate of the college who spent her junior year studying in France. Gibbs’ mother established the memorial award following Gibbs’s death in an automobile accident. The award is to be used in “some special way to enlarge or enhance a student’s experience in France.”

The Linda Hare Goddard 1977 Memorial Award

This honor is awarded to students in Spanish, French, and Italian, who exhibit qualities of academic excellence and a high level of enthusiasm and curiosity toward the opportunity to study and experience life in a foreign country.
French – Alice Gallmeyer
Italian – Emily Zinn
Spanish – Brenda de Luna

RUSSIAN AND EURASIAN STUDIES, presented by Professor Joan Ericson

The Russian and Eurasian Studies Award — Yaroslav Hetman, Theodore Nash

The Russian and Eurasian Studies Award honors a member of the Colorado College community whose contributions and leadership have strengthened the Russian and Eurasian studies program.

SOCIOLOGY, presented by Professor Gail Murphy-Geiss

Abbott Prize in Sociology — Priscilla Bonnell, Kathleen Denny

The Abbott Prize in Sociology honors the memory of W. Lewis Abbott who was a member of the Colorado College faculty from 1920 to 1949. Professor Abbott was stimulating in his teaching, controversial in his positions, and beloved and respected by his students and colleagues.

SOUTHWEST STUDIES, presented by Professor Anne Hyde

Joseph T. Gordon Prize in Southwest Studies — Prof. Victoria Levine

The Joseph T. Gordon Prize in Southwest Studies recognizes outstanding achievement in scholarship or creative expression by a Colorado College faculty member in Southwest studies. Gordon is a distinguished professor emeritus of Colorado College, who taught in the department of English and founded the Hulbert Center for Southwest Studies. His enthusiasm for and dedication to Southwest studies inspires faculty from numerous departments and interdisciplinary programs to pursue scholarly and creative work focused on this region. The prize was established in 2002 through the generosity of an anonymous donor. The winner is selected by the Southwest Studies Faculty Advisory Committee.

SPORTS SCIENCE, presented by Richard Quincy

The Mahony Award in Sports Medicine — Jill Oldewage

Established in 2006, the Mahony Award in Sports Medicine honors the senior pre-med or allied health student who demonstrates academic achievement and clinical potential for a career in medicine or allied health. Established by team physician Thomas H. Mahony III, M.D. ’67 and wife Jan ’68, the award recognizes student dedication to and involvement with the college’s sports medicine program.