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Colorado College publications

Most CC publications are available in both Special Collections and the general stacks. Check the online catalog for more information. A few recent CC publications are available via Digital CC. CC's current publications webpage is here. In addition to the periodicals below, the college generates numerous booklets, brochures, newsletters, and other printed material every year.

Colorado College student newspapers
Many of these titles are available at the Internet Archive.

Occident (1880)
Occidental Mirror (1881-1883)
Pike's Peak Echo (1885-1886)
Colorado Collegian (1890-1899)
Tiger (1899-1969)
Catalyst (1969-current, partial index available online)
The Disparaging Eye (1985-1998)
Cipher (1997-current)

Colorado College student literary magazines

Centurion (1928-1931)
Kinnikinnik (1908-1913; 1949-1974)
Leviathan & Kinnikinnik (1974-1980)
Leviathan (1972-1974; 1980-present)

Colorado College student yearbook
All available at the Internet Archive.

Pikes Peak Nugget (1900-1941)
Nugget (1941-2007)

Colorado College student facebook

New Student Directory (1960)
New Faces (most-used title, 1961-present)
Entree (1969)
Moretocome (1973)
New Student Record (1979-1980)

Other Colorado College student publications

The Critique (academic journal, 1977-1985)
Misdemeanor (humor magazine, 1990-1996)

Colorado College Alumni Publications
We have a digital index to CC alumni publications 1934-1994 and online versions of the Colorado College Bulletin, 1995-present.

Colorado College Alumni Bulletin (1911-1934)
Colorado College Alumni News
Colorado College Magazine (1958-1974)
Colorado College Bulletin (1975-current)

Colorado College summer publications

Colorado College Times (July 1, 1943 - September 7, 1943)
The Bengal (summers 1948 - 1962)
Colorado College Clarion (June 13, 1966 - July 30, 1982)
Colorado College Summer Session Beagle (May 1985 - August 1987)
Colorado College Bugle (June 17, 1983 - August 7, 1984)
Colorado College Summer Sun (June 1988 - Aug. 1998)

Other Colorado College publications

Colorado College Catalog (1874-present)
Colorado College Directory of Faculty and Students
Access: A Newspaper for the Colorado College Community
The Pathfinder (student handbook, 1975-present)
Colorado College Studies (occasional monographs, 1890-present)

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