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Links for more information on the CC Symposium
ôSeptember 11 -- One Year Later: Responding to Global Challenges"

The Symposium web site & news release

Transcripts of talks by
Hanan Ashrawi on Sept. 12
Gideon Doron on Sept. 13

See additional transcripts of symposium events.

Audio files of these two lectures and following Q&A are also available -- note that the files are large (~15 MB each) and in MP3 format.
Ashrawi audio
Doron audio

Video and audio tapes of the keynote talks are available for sale in the Colorado College bookstore (see "videos" link on bottom right of linked page). Video recordings are also available on DVD at the CC bookstore. Click here to go to the bookstore.

Read remarks by Bill Hochman, professor emeritus of history, who discusses how this symposium fits into the CC symposium tradition.

News coverage of Hanan Ashrawi's talk and related events
Rocky Mountain News
Washington Times
Denver NBC affiliate Ch. 9 (among the many broadcast media covering the event, this one offers text and video stories.)
Dr. Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum, gives his take on the lecture and event.

Previews on symposium and surrounding controversies

The Colorado Springs Independent preview of symposium participant Robert Kaplan

Article in The New York Times

Column in the Independent

Article in The Chronicle of Higher Education

Commentary by CC senior Rasha Khalaf in the Independent

A letter to the editor of the Independent (section includes a letter from the pastor and 100 members of the congregation of First Congregational United Church of Christ, whose predecessors helped found the college in 1874.)

Other articles and links

Front page New York Times profile of Donald Rumseld by participant Thom Shanker, 1978 CC alumnus