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What is a podcast?

Podcast is basically a fancy word for downloadable audio. The distinguishing feature is that you can subscribe to a podcast using podcatching software, such as iTunes or Juice, to automatically download new episodes for free. You do not need an iPod to listen to a podcast -- almost any portable mp3 player or desktop or laptop which is internet capable can play podcasts. Read more about podcasts on Wikipedia.

How to subscribe to the Notable Lectures & Performances podcast

If you want to subscribe to the Notable Lectures & Performances podcast series, choose one of the following options:

1) If you use iTunes, click Notable Lectures & Performances to jump to the podcast: Once displayed, click subscribe.

2) Alternately, you can go to the iTunes Music Store and search for Colorado College.  One of the listings will say "Notable Lectures." Select the "Notable Lectures and Performances" listing, then click subscribe.

3) Using iTunes (Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast) or the podcast subscription software of your
choice, subscribe to:

KRCC's Local News podcast

Based on the instructions above, you can also subscribe to KRCC's local news show.

iTunes or XML