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Colorado College Announces a New President

Messages for President-Elect Jill Tiefenthaler

Hello Dr. Tiefenthaler,

Welcome to CC. I hope you enjoy a long and productive term as president.

Best wishes,
Dick Storey
University of Montana Western

My daughter, Natasha Garrison, just finished her first year at CC and loved every minute of it. In reading comments about your energy, enthusiasm and ability, I am anxious to see what the future holds with you at the helm. Congratulations and welcome!
Teresa Cain

President Tiefenthaler:

Colorado College is lucky to have you and as a former ACM colleague you have landed in a wonderful environment. I wish you all the best in your new role!

Kind regards,
Kathleen Powell
Career Services
Denison University
Granville, OH

Hope you got the small going away present I left for you. You have been a great friend and I will miss seeing you around campus. We need to stay in touch.

your friend
- Sam Williams

Welcome to CC. We wish you nothing but the best and unprecedented success in your service as President.

Dick was a professor in biology from 1978 to 1999 when he became dean of the college. He left in 2004 to become chancellor of the University of Montana Western.

Martha and Dick are long-time supporters of CC student research, the arts, drama, music, diversity and hockey.

Martha & Dick Storey

We are truly going to miss you at WFU. Colorado has gained a great leader and friend. Still got something for you before you leave.

Sam Williams

We are parents of Himraj Soin (2012) who is a Junior at CC and is from India. I was recently at CC last month and loved the campus and the great energy all around. We as parents, are delighted to learn that you are the new President and look forward to meeting some day in Springs or even India.

Warm personal regards,
Anita & Mandip Singh Soin

Hello President Tiefenthaler and congratulations! As a former Alumni Board President (1999-2000) and member of the board of trustees I heard great things about you from former colleagues on the board (especially Bob Manning), and I am very excited that our great institution was fortunate to recruit you. I know you and your family will love the campus and the surrounding Rocky Mountains. I can assure you we have a dedicated and lively alumni body, which is very engaged in supporting all aspects of campus life. Our incoming Alumni Board President Alan Harris is outstanding, and I think you will enjoy working with him. I am currently the Colorado College "City Champion" for Washington, DC and I can't wait to meet you.

Best wishes and as we like to say, Go Tigers!
Edward Goldstein '79 (Political Science)

Welcome again!
I find myself reflecting so pleasurably on our first albeit brief visit with you, and looking forward to having you and your family with us on campus.

Marcia Dobson, Classics

I'm thrilled to read about your story; you sound like an excellent choice for our next president. I have also heard that you are interested in focusing on invigorating the MAT program. I want to lend my support to that notion.

I am a 2004 graduate, currently pursuing my PhD in social studies education at Teachers College, Columbia University. While at CC, I had little sense that I would find such a strong pull to education. My own route at CC took me through a combined major in History and Philosophy; only my senior thesis dealt directly with education. I often wonder that our institution--which sends so many students into both the Peace Corps and domestic teaching--offers so little in terms of formal educational training. I would encourage CC to seriously consider a stronger investment in education as a viable course of study, both at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

All the best,
Alexander "Sandy" Pope '04

Congratulations, president Jill Tiefenthaler! As an active CC alum and former alumni board president and trustee it is especially exhilarating to welcome you to our CC community. Your video interview with Chad Milton embraced our alumni voice (and actions). I was particularly warmed by your fondness for your undergraduate experience at St. Mary's College. You relate so clearly with our alumni passion and commitment. Our classes of '66 and '67 are having a combined reunion during the October homecoming. We will remind Jay Englen, our alumni director, we want to extend an invitation to you to stop by one of our events over the weekend. Until then, please accept this informal greeting.

Cheers, Barb
Barb Keener '67

You go girl!! Congratulations! I already have a cousin of Denny's that wants to attend Colorado College!! What a beautiful place to live!!


Dear Professor Tiefenthaler:
Congratulations on your appointment as the 13th President of CC! You and CC seem the perfect match at the right time in your career in higher education and in CC's institutional evolution.

As father of a graduating senior, I wish you all the best in your tenure!

Professor David Shambaugh
George Washington University

Congratulations on your appointment as President of such dynamic college. I know you will be missed here at Wake, but we are proud to have worked with you in the many key initiatives implemented at Wake Forest University under your leadership.

Hansford S. Johnson
Director, Mentor Programs
Schools of Business

As a professor emerita of Spanish, I was delighted to hear your remarks concerning the importance of study abroad for liberal learning. ¡Claro que también espero que Ud. haya recordado su español! Bienvenida--we look to you for a fresh start at the college and wish you all the best. I only wish I could have retired a little later to benefit from your leadership. My husband, Douglas Freed, professor emeritus of psychology, and one of the founders of the block plan, was sitting next to me at Shove and was as impressed as I was. Despite his Alzheimer's, he can still spot a winner! We send you all our support,
Maria Daniels and Doug Freed

Dear Jill,
As the Chair of the Colorado College Student Farm Club, I extend my warm welcome to you as our new president on behalf of the students and faculty involved with the Farm Project. We are so excited to have you here, and look forward to working with you in the future.

It is invaluably important to us to have an understanding and communicative relationship with our president here at CC, and will be our great pleasure to be able to found such a partnership with you in the coming 2011-12 school year. Through this partnership, we hope to continue to strive for a more sustainable food system here at CC by providing fresh and organic produce to Bon Appetit.

We look forward to meeting you, and if you will be here, you are more than welcome to come to our next meeting at the Synergy House (CC's sustainable living house) at 6pm on Tuesday the 12th of April.

Also, please feel free to browse our website for more information on what we do: http://www.coloradocollege.edu/ccfarm/ccfarm.htm

Rebecca Levi
Class of 2011
Studio Art Major & Environmental Issues Minor 2010 Farm Summer Intern

Hi Jill,
Looking forward to welcoming you and your family to CC and Co. Spgs. My wife and I are alumni and now live just a few blocks from your new house. We have two children, one of which is in gradeschool and may well attend school with yours.

I'm also from Iowa (City), taught at Central College, got my PhD across the street from where you got your BA (assuming South Bend)--so we have a lot in common.

Blessings on your transition, for you and the whole family. And congratulations!
Tom Trinidad, PhD

It was a thrill to be present yesterday at the Denver meeting of the Board of Trustees to see firsthand and for many friends and alumni that everything one could discern from the résumé and the build-up was true: you are admirably accomplished and your skills and dreams are remarkably apt for where CC is just now. I'm glad you and your family said "Yes!" Exciting times are ahead.
Karen Pope, '70, Parent '04, Alumni Trustee

Jill, so very proud of you. We were in Phoenix with your parents when you announced. They are so proud of you and happy that you and the family will only be 12 hours away by car and Jenny will be 12 hours away also.
Love, Aunt Bonny
Bonny (Tiefenthaler) Snyder

Congratulations! I admire your impressive and successful accomplishments and wish you and your family all the best with your new venture. I am very glad I have had the opportunity to know you.
Lori Steinkamp

Congratulations Jill!
Colorado is fortunate to have you! I loved your message - truly inspiring!

President Tiefenthaler,
Welcome to Colorado College - we look forward to meeting you at one of our department meetings!
Suzanne Ridings, Anthropology Department Staff Assistant

Dear President Elect Tiefenthaler,
I am an alumnus of Colorado College now living in Cornelius, North Carolina. I have previously served as President of the Alumni Association for Colorado College and helped develop the alumni clubs that now exist.

While I am now retired, if there is anything that I can do to assist in your transition to your new position, I would be delighted to do so.
Welcome to the Colorado College family!

Gary Knight, CC Class of 1967

Congratulations! I always knew you would succeed and this appointment is evidence of your skills as an educator, leader and as a friend. When we met at Colgate, you provided direction and professionalism in our study. I knew Madison County had someone who would achieve great things. To see the Upstate Institute and VITA today and to remember the humble beginnings should make you incredibly proud. I am forever indebted to your guidance and feel blessed to know you. Much success in your new duties, Mike
Michael Fitzgerald, Commissioner of Madison County DSS

Jill, congratulations on this great honor. It has been a privilege to work with you on projects and events at Wake Forest. You always brought your A game to everything you did for us. We will certainly miss you here but wish you every success in your new role.
Betsy Chapman, Associate Director of Parent Programs, Wake Forest University

Welcome to some of the most exciting years you will ever have! That was my experience, and I hope it is yours. CC is a gift.
David Amster-Olszewski

I look forward to your leadership and service with Colorado College. Please feel free to contact me if you need any help up here in Alaska.
Piruaa! (Yup'ik language for "be as you are, in awareness")
Carl Wassilie

Welcome, Welcome! President-Elect Tiefenthaler!
THANK you for having both a liberal arts background AND a mathematical/economics advanced career track. As a global village, we need to rethink how our economics contribute to our social accountability as a culture. And to rethink how our national economics contribute to global wars, social injustice that breed wars, and to rethink our role in creating solutions to global economic challenges. THANK YOU for bringing yourself & your family, your well-developed talents and energies to Colorado College!
Patricia Falcao, MD, MPH

You have selected not only a great school to head, but a wonderful site. Looking at Pikes Peak each morning will give you strength to face any challenges the day brings. Welcome.
Maita Houpis '56

Jill, Heard the news here at Colgate! Congratulations and best to you, Kevin and family from Marcelle too.

We are only one year into our own Colorado College experience. If you love CC half as much as our daughter, Sonora Miller, you are in for a very happy life in Colorado Springs. Congratulations and best wishes.
Terri & Troy Miller

Welcome to CC. I have a feeling you'll be a perfect fit. All the best to and your family. Cheers,
Clyde Smith CC '74

Welcome to CC! She's a fine vessel, and one of which I'm proud to be a former passenger. Best of luck on a new expedition, and may the majesty of Pike's Peak shine upon thee!
Drew Foster '08

Dear Provost,
I am greatly saddened by your leave, however, I am very happy that you will join a dynamic community in my home state. Best wishes...
--Wake Forest Deacon

Congratulations from Indiana!!

We met with Ann-Marie Manning today in Indianapolis and were told that an announcement of the new President would be coming soon! We are thrilled with this news and welcome you to Colorado College!

We are parents of Peter, class of 2014. Coincidentally,Peter's other top college choice was Wake Forest so we became familiar with Wake during that process. We continue to be so impressed and know that you hail from a terrific background, among your other accomplishments.

We quickly became very fond of Colorado and Peter just loves CC! He has embraced so many opportunities already! He loves his classes,his advisor,the Block Plan and his teachers. What more could we ask?

We hope to meet you sometime, congratulations!! We are so happy for you.

Betsy and Tom Laskey
Carmel, IN

Welcome, indeed! To Jill, Kevin, Olivia, & Owen. I am in the last year of the very good three-year Phased Retirement/Early Retirement Program that C.C. has; and thus somewhat saddened that I won't have the opportunity of working with you, Jill, as C.C.'s new President, and second woman president. I hope that your years at C.C. will be as good as my forty-four years as a faculty member have been. I hope that while at C.C. you can foster Boyer's four kinds of scholarship: the Scholarship of Discovery, the Scholarship of Teaching, the Scholarship of Application, and Interdisciplinary Scholarship. I also hope that all members of the Colorado College Community,faculty, staff,administrators, and most importantly, students, prosper under your leadership.

With best wishes,
Keith B. Kester,
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry & Feminist & Gender Studies.

Dear Jill...congratulations and best wishes !! I am from a 3rd generation CC family...my Grandfather Dr. Alfred A. Blackman was medical advisor for the college, (1910-1928) my other Grandfather, John T. Haney was attorney for CC from the 1920's to the 80's when my Dad J. Donald Haney retired from the law practice.. and also served legal advisor to the college...about 13 family mambers graduated over the years and I am a new Alumni Assn. board member. We will be neighbors and I look forward to meeting you,and your family and look forward to helping in any appropriate way to assist with this new adventure for you. Once again, my congratulations and best wishes for our CC...
Kindest regards,
Jeffrey W. Haney '76

Welcome aboard! Please let me know if can be of some assistance, academic or otherwise.

Werner Heim
Professor Emeritus of Biology



Colorado College has been such a cornerstone of Colorado Springs for years and we are just so lucky to have you fill the shoes of Dick Celeste!

It was a treat to see that you are a SMC alum, I graduated in 1993. There are not too many SMC grads in the wild wild West!

Best of luck to you and your family!

Martha Marzolf

Welcome to Colorado Springs! Glad to have you as the president of our alma mater!
Ben and Amy Day ('97 & '97)

congratulations. good luck!
christopher burwell

Hello Dr Jill Tiefenthaler! I am an international student from Swaziland, Southern Africa and I welcome you to CC!! CC has been my home away from home and I have appreciated that Mr Celeste embraces the international community. I hope you will also make this a home for us international student! Welcome!
Senani Mamba

Dear Dr. Tiefenthaler and family,

Welcome to the Colorado College family! Even though I'm a senior I though I'd take a moment to welcome you and share a few thoughts about CC. I am a senior Psychology major and eduction studies minor. I'm also a tour guide with the admissions office, very involved with performing arts on campus (I'm in the Student Musical Theatre Group's production of Assassin's this weekend), a senior member of the fraternity Kappa Sigma, and I'm in in Room 46 (our coed accappella group).

CC is a great place to be. The engagement of faculty with the undergraduates, and their incredible dedication to academic advancement, both in and out of the classroom is amazing.

Over the years, Room 46, my accapella group, has ha the pleasure of performing at President Celeste's home and have gotten to know him fairly well. Some of the things I have been amazed by are his approachability, openness, and supporting nature to students, including having open office hours blocky for students. Also, his support of the Student Musical Theatre Group, both politically and financially (with the President's fund) have been crucial to its continued survival. It was always great to see President Celeste and family in the audience at most of our musicals and other performances. I feel it really contributed to the feeling of community and approachability on campus.

I hope to meet you soon-and if you're able to, we'd love to invite you to come out to some upcoming performances on campus- you will be amazed at what the students have done with the all student run Assassins and Dance Workshop this weekend, and Room 46 and the other accapella groups will be singing at the admitted students night this Thursday.

Anyway, welcome to CC! You'll love it here.
Warmest regards,
Eric Einstein (Class of 2011)

Congratulations on your selection as President of Colorado College. My daughter, Maureen Botoman, will graduate in May and I have been very happy with the quality of all aspects of her education at Colorado College. My son Alexander Botoman graduated from Wake Forest, another excellent liberal arts college in 2010, and you will find a similar commitment to excellence at CC. I was pleased to see that CC has attracted such a well qualified leader, and my mother, who graduated from St. Mary's in the 50s will be happy to learn that you are a St. Mary's grad.
Molly Burke P ’11

Welcome! I am very pleased to learn that you will soon become the 13th President of Colorado College. I look forward to an opportunity to meet you and to introduce you to more of our alumni in the coming months and years. I currently am President-Elect of the Colorado College Alumni Association Board and will become President in June 2011. I am excited about working with you to make Colorado an even better and more special place.

Our Alumni Association Board will be on campus later this week for our annual Alumni Leadership Forum. It appears we may not be able to meet you this week, but I know everyone is excited to meet you at the first opportunity.

Again, welcome. If there is anything I can do for you as incoming President of the Alumni Association Board, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Alan Harris '77

Change is always mildly disconcerting, and doubly so when it concerns such a figure as our Segway-riding, septuagenarian president Dick Celeste. However, even a cursory Google search reassures me that you are going to be a great fit for CC. Welcome!
Daniel K