Phone Numbers - Colorado College

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All extensions should be preceded by (719) 389-. For example, Admission would be (719) 389-6344. 8000 - 8499 extension numbers must be dialed with a 227 prefix.

Academic Technology Services, Barnes Science Center x6716
Admission, Cutler Hall x6344
   Fax x6816
Alumni Development Records, Spencer Center x6352
Alumni Relations, Tutt Alumni House x6775 or 6776
   Fax x6271
Annual Fund, Spencer Center x6753 or 6744
Anthropology, Barnes Science Center x6358
   Fax x6258
Art, Packard x6365 or 6366
   Fax x6882
   Packard Darkroom x6369
   Shop x6377
   Slide Library x6375
Athletics, El Pomar Sports Center x6476
   Fax x6873
Audio/Visual Services, Director x6379
   Equipment Reservation and Checkout x6378
   Fax x6383
   Maintenance x6379
   Special Events x6382
Baca Manager x6647
Bacchus x6618
Biology, Olin Hall x6395
   Fax x6940
Biological Sciences Curriculum Study 531-5550
Boettcher Health Center x6384
   Counseling Center x6384
   Fax x6928
Bookstore, Worner Campus Center
   Customer Service x6391
   Fax x6898
   General Books x6394
   Textbooks x6794
Business Office, Armstrong Hall
   Accounting / General Questions x6133
   Accounts Payable x6782
   Budget x6699
   Cashier (Hours 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm) x6423
   Collections x6456
   Fax x6932
   Payroll x6420 or 8240
   Purchasing x6695
   Student Accounts and Tuition Information x6698
   Student Loans x6456
   Vice President x6693
Cabin Reservations x6607
Campus Activities, Worner Campus Center x6800
   Fax x6609
   Metalwork Office x6677
   Outdoor Recreation Rentals, Cossitt Hall x6766
   Pottery/Weaving x6769
Campus Events Line x6606
Campus Planning x6844
Career Center, Worner Campus Center x6893
   Fax x6804
Catalyst (Student Newspaper), Cossitt Hall x6675
CCCA, Worner Campus Center x6676
Center for Community Service, Worner Campus Center x6846
   Fax x6137
Central Services, 815 N. Tejon x6427
   Copy Center x6427
   Fax x6282
   Mail Courier x6787
   Manager x6710
   Post Office x6739
   Printing x6743
   Staff Mail Information x6427
   Student Mail Information x6799
Chaplain's Office, Shove Chapel x6638
   Fax x6640
Chemical Safety Coordinator, Van Briggle x6678
Chemistry, Barnes Science Center x6430
   Fax x6182
Children's Center
   Classrooms x6765
   Fax x6714
   Office xx6764
Classics, Cossit Hall x8333
   Fax x8334
Colket Student Learning Center, Tutt Library
   Information x6168
   Director x6726
   Fax x6180
   Learning Consultant x6168
   Office of First-Year and Sophmore Studies and Advising x6986
   Quantitative Reasoning Center x8289
   Writing Center (Tutt Library) x6742
      Fax x6016
Communications (publications, Web, new media), Spencer Center x6603
   Fax x6256
Comparative Literature x8333
   Fax x8334
Crown Faculty Center, Tutt Library
Cutler Publications x6675
   Backstage Armstrong Theatre x6722
   Costume Shop x6721
   Fax x6145
   Scene Shop x6747
   Studio, Cossitt x6459
   Visitor Office x6982
Dean of the College x6682
   Associate Dean of the College x6686
   Fax x6934
   Institutional Research and Planning x6842
Development, Spencer Center
   Director, Annual Fund x6753
   Director, Development x6752
   Fax x6260
   Vice President x6740
Disability Services, Tutt Library x8285
Disparaging Eye x6675
Drama and Dance, Armstrong Hall x6637
East Asian Languages x6635
Economics Department, Palmer x6407
   Fax Number x6927
Education Department, Mierow House x6472
   Fax x6473
   G&T and WBS Children's Programs x6146
   Teacher Education x6472
El Pomar Sports Center
   Athletics x6475 or 6476
   Carle Weight Room x6872
   Reservations x6491
   Schlessman Pool x6494
   Training Room x6490
Engineering, Olin Hall x6575
English, Armstrong Hall x6853
   Fax x6833
Environmental Resource Center x6965
Environmental Sciences, Tutt Science Center x6965
Escort Service x6340
Events and Entertainment Line x6606
Express Messaging (On-Campus Use Only) x5034
External Relations x6603
   Athletic Media Relations x6755 or 6105
   Fax x6256

Facilities Services, Van Briggle

x6568 or 6569
   Fax x6981
   Vehicle Reservations x6175
   Work Orders x6876
Feminist and Gender Studies x6909
   Director x6976
Financial Aid, Cutler Hall x6651
   Fax x6173
Fraternity Advisor, Worner Campus Center x6800
French, Armstrong Hall x6732
General Studies, Armstrong Hall x6498
Geology, Palmer Hall x6621
   Fax x6910
German, Armstrong Hall x6635
Gold Card, Worner Campus Center x6688
Grants and Fellowships, Spencer Center x6789
Health Center (see Boettcher Healthy Center)
Heating Plant x6522
History, Palmer Hall x6523
   Fax x6524
Honor Council x6589
Housing Office, Bemis Hall x6618 or 6619
   Faculty Housing x6205
Human Resources, Spencer Center, Suite 301 x6421
   Benefits x6104 or x6422
   Director x6791
   Employment x6421
   Fax x6926
Humanities Lab, Armstrong Hall x6160
Ice Rink, Honnen x6495
Information Technology Services, Armstrong Hall x6448
   AudioVisual x6870
   Director (Barnes Science Center) x6250
   Help Desk x6449
   Keck Lab x6160
   Paraprofessionals (Barnes Science Center) x6716
International Programs, Worner Campus Center x6802
Keck Humanities Lab x6160
KRCC Radio, 912 N. Weber Street 473-4801
   Fax 473-7863
Languages and Literature x6635 or 6853
Legal Counsel, Armstrong Hall x6703
Leviathan x6675
Library, Tutt
   Cataloging x6768
   Circulation x6184
   Director's Office x6670
   Fax x6859
   Government Documents x6660
   Interlibrary Loan x6664
   Learning Commons x6168
   Orders x6666
   Periodicals x6667
   Reference x6662
   Special Collections x6668
Lost & Found, Worner Campus Center x6607
Mathematics, Tutt Science Center x6535
   Fax x6841
Minority Student Life, Worner Campus Center x6338
Music, Packard Hall x6545
   Fax x6862
Music Library, Packard Hall x6560
Nugget x6675
Olin Hall
   Fax x6929
   Machine Shop x6441
   Prehealth Professions x6429
   Secretarial Office x6429
Payroll, Armstrong Hall x6420 or 8240
Philosophy, Armstrong Hall x6636
   Fax x6179
Physical Education, El Pomar Sports Center x6475
Physics, Barnes Science Center x6577
   Fax x6322
Physics Observatory x6906
Political Science, Palmer Hall x6583
   Fax x6586
Post Office, Worner Campus Center x6799
Pre-Health Professionals x6429
President's House, 1228 Wood Avenue 667-0926
President's Office, Armstrong Hall x6700 or 6748
   Fax x6933
Press at Colorado College, Jackson House x6376
Property Management, Griffis/Blessing 520-1234
Psychology, Tutt Science Center x6593
   Fax x6284
Radio Station (see KRCC Radio)
Registrar, Armstrong Hall x6610
   Fax x6931
   Transcripts x6728
Religion, Armstrong Hall x6636
   Fax x6179
Residential Life
   Bemis Desk x6204
   Director of Residential Life, Bemis Hall x6618 or 6619
   Faculty Housing x6205
   Fax x7258
   Loomis Desk x6229
   Maintenance Problems x6204
   Mathias Desk x6254
   Slocum Desk x6300
Romance Languages, Armstrong Hall x6732
Russian, Armstrong Hall x6635
Security, Campus (24 hours), Edith Gaylord House
   On-Campus Emergency x6911
   On-Campus Non-Emergency x6707
Security Education, Bemis Hall
   Director x6618
Shove Memorial Chapel x6638
Social Security & Veterans' Certification x6610
Sociology, Palmer Hall x6820
   Fax x6586
Sodexho Marriott Custodial Services x6357
   Fax x6904
Sodexho Marriott Services, Ticknor Hall x6631
   Bemis Hall x6634
   Benjamin's, Worner Campus Center x6576
   Catering, Ticknor Hall x6673
   Convenience Store (C-Store) x6988
   Dining Room Manager, Worner Campus Center x6166
   Fax (Ticknor Office) x6861
   Kitchen, Rastall, Worner Campus Center x6576
Sorority Advisor, Worner Campus Center x6618
Southwest Studies, Hulbert Center, Dern House x6649
   Baca Manager x6647
   Director x6183
   Fax x6650
   Program Coordinator x6249
   Secretary x6649
Spanish, Armstrong Hall x6732
Speakers Bureau, Spencer Center x6603
Special Events Supervisor, Armstrong Hall x6378
Sports Information (Athletic Media Relations), Spencer x6755 or 6105
Stewart House Kitchen 577-9253
Student Life
   Dean of Students x6684
   Fax x6937
   Vice President for Student Life x6689
Student Cultural Center x7947
Student Escort Service x6340
Student Government x6676
Student Newspaper x6675
Summer Programs, Morreale House x6011
   Fax x6955
   MAT Program x6656
   Summer Session x6655 or 6653
   Summer Conferences x6715
   Summer Arts Festival x6098
Telecommunications, Ticknor Hall x6719
   Fax x6999
Tutt Library (see Library)
Veterans' & Social Security Certification x6610
Vice President for Alumni, Development and College Relations, Spencer Center x6740
Vice President for Business/Finance & Treasurer, Armstrong Hall x6693
Vice President for Student Life, Armstrong Hall x6689
Voice Mail Access x6034
Worner Campus Center
   Cabin Reservations x6607
   Coburn Gallery x6797
   Events & Entertainment Line x6606
   Information x6607
   Room Reservations x6608
   Student Post Office x6799
Writing Center, Tutt Library x6742
   Fax x6016
Yearbook x6675