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Extracurricular Record
Arts & Crafts
Dance Workshop
Film Series
Great Performers & Ideas
Outdoor Recreation Committee
Theater Workshop
Worner Activities Committee
 Did you know that more than 70% of what you will learn during college results from your involvement with out-of-class experiences?

Through extra-curricular involvement, you will learn:

~The effectiveness of planning and time management
~Self-discipline, initiative and responsibility
~How to apply learned concepts in real settings

And you will have opportunities:

~To interact, network, and develop friendships with peers, faculty, and staff
~ To create support groups with other students who have common needs and interests
~ To develop and refine your leadership skills
~ To have fun!

The functions of the Campus Activities office include advising the Leisure Programs, national Greek associations, student organizations, and the Colorado College Campus Association (CCCA); implementing leadership programs; facilitating the student organization registration process; and administering the Extra-Curricular Record and the Ritt Kellogg Fund.

The Leisure Programming Board consists of eight committees:
Arts and Crafts
Dance Workshop
Film Series
Great Performers and Ideas
Outdoor Recreation Committee
Theatre Workshop
Worner Activities Committee

These committees are run by and for the students. Each committee has its own budget for social, co-curricular, or recreational activities for the Colorado College community.

The leadership program coordinated by the Campus Activities office focuses on student organization workshops such as membership recruitment, publicity, and fundraising; annual leadership retreats; and group dynamic training.