The 2009 Colorado College State of the Rockies Report Card

Speaking to a long-standing tradition of the Rockies Report Cards "grading" the region on a variety of attributes, this year we briefly look at three areas: crime and incarceration in the Rockies, historic preservation in the Rockies, and an evaluation of regional representation by elected officials.

The Report Card also tackles issues of wildlife in the Rockies, dedicating three sections to the topic: "Wildlife: Range and Condition," "Wildlife Management," and "Impacts of Energy Development on Wildlife." Tangentially, the Report Card keeps eyes on water issues and population changes with the sections: "Wild and Scenic Rivers" and "Repopulating the Rockies."

The Rockies Project aims to inspire Report Card readers and Rockies events attendees to creatively contemplate, discuss, and engage in shaping the future of our beloved, beautiful, and fragile region-the Rocky Mountain West.

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