Grant Opportunities

Mitzvah Travel and Research Opportunity

The Rosenberg/Lippman Fund is willing to consider three, scholarships of $540 each to send CC students to any of the following:

  1. ISRAEL LEARNING PROGRAMS.  Must be at least three weeks in length, with either a detailed agenda prepared by the student or approval of an organized learning group.
  2. NATIONAL HILLEL CONFERENCES. Support in travel and per diem expenses.
  4. TRAVEL. Travel to places of learning and conferences in the U.S. that would in turn promote Jewish life at CC.
  5. SPECIAL SHABBAT PROGRAMMING. The Fund will also consider special Shabbat programming but a proposal must be submitted in advance.

To apply, students should simply submit a proposal to Professor Ofer Ben-Amots for screening.  The proposal should be in the form of a letter or e-mail and include a description of the project and a budget proposal.  Recipients of the Mitzvah Travel and Research Award should share their experience with their peers during one of the activities of Chaverim/Hillel.

Final approval will be given by the Rosenberg/Lippman Fund in Portland, OR.