Sponsored Events
International Awareness Week
3rd week of 3rd block
IAW is the biggest event that MOSAIC puts on all year, and involves a variety of activities including cultural presentations, performances, guest speakers, and film screenings. The biggest day for IAW usually occurs on Monday, when Taste of the World takes place. Members of MOSAIC cook a native dish from their country and present it buffet style to the CC campus community.
Carnival is a relatively recent event in the history of MOSAIC, and has been put on for the past 2 years in honor of the large number of international students who celebrate it. So far it has been all about food, fun, and the busting open of pinatas.
Ski Trip
Whenever there's snow
The annual ski trip is a chance for international students (and those wanting to bum a ride to the mountains) to see snow for the first time, or to just enjoy a day of skiing/snowboarding. Usually takes place at A-Basin, and is sometimes preceded by a night at the CC cabin.
Baca Trip
5th Block Break
This year Baca included a trip to the hot springs, community service at a nearby Zen Center, and the opportunity to see a Hindu Fire Ceremony at the Hindu Ashram. The nights were spent watching movies, enjoying eachother's company and home-made pizza! Some students also learned how to play poker.
Social Outings
Whenever Possible This year's outings included a downtown ice-cream social and a bowling trip. These outings were aimed at improving interaction among MOSAIC members.
Participatory Events

International Student Orientation

Office of International Students and Study Abroad


August 21-25


A week-long orientation that prepares both international and exchange students for their experience in the United States. MOSAIC members often volunteer to serve as guides and mentors to the incoming students, and also to partake in the overnight trip to the CC cabin.


The German House


Oktoberfest is a great excuse to drink beer, eat brats, and dance like a crazy Bavarian for a whole night. Although sponsored by The German House, MOSAIC members are always willing to help.



Whoever is Willing

Many of our international and exchange students are big fans of intramurals and see it as a positive way to get involved on campus. By far the preferred sport is FOOTBALL (also known as soccer in the United States). This year the International Student Soccer team went all the way upto the finals in outdoor soccer and we were the champions in indoor soccer. We also took part in volleyball and we are still getting a grip of it.


Relay for Life

CC Community


We are thinking about participating in Relay for Life as a group. It is a
fundraising event for the American Cancer organization. This is a really fun event that involves food and games -- last year they had sumo wrestling and a bouncy gym.


Language Houses

Residential Life/Head Residents



The Language Houses serve not only as places of residence for many international students and MOSAIC members, but also as fun places to gather. Some notable events put on by the "Language House World" are weekly or blockly dinners and the Language House Olympics.