Interesting Facts about MOSAIC members:

* 45% are four-year students from other countries "Internationals"
* 10% are year-long exchange students
* 35% are American students "Locals"
* 10% of us have claims to both foreign countries and the United States
* 55% either live or have lived in a Language House during their time at CC.
* 70% speak at least 2 languages, and all members are studying a language other than their own
* The average age of a MOSAIC member is 21
* Only 25% of us have blue or green eyes
* 65% don't mind blue cheese
* 90% have played in intramurals
* 35% prefer the mountains
* 25% prefer the beach
* 35% love both
* 10% are Freshmen
* 25% are Sophmores
* 30% are Juniors
* 35% are Seniors

* MOSAIC members are very optimistic; all members except for two see the glass as half-full!


Interesting Information:

MOSAIC members come from all over the world. Some of the countries of origin for students present and past are:

Japan, Bahrain, Nepal, Myanmar, Peru, England, Colombia, Germany, Sweden, Venezuela, Spain, China, Bulgaria, Mexico, Senegal, Hong Kong, Brazil, Chile, Russia, Italy, Panama, India, Costa Rica.


Like most people, we have allergies too! Some of these include:

Cat hair, dust, penicillin, animals, grass, coconut, shellfish, bee stings, and worst of all; bad food, disorganization, and mismatching colors.


While football aka "SOCCER" is by far the most popular sport among MOSAICists, we also enjoy:

Tennis, running, swimming, dancing, basketball, field hockey, horseback riding, volleyball, ice hockey, rock/ice Climbing, lacrosse, ping pong, and four-sqaure.


Some of the reasons that international/exchange students chose to study in the United States:

Educational system, scholarship availability, greater course variety, learn/improve english language skills, opportunity to study abroad, Liberal Arts Education, and one was forced to by parents.


MOSAIC members have had many opportunities to live/study abroad. Some of their destinations included:

France, Germany, India, Wales, Swaziland, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Spain, Botswana, Mexico, Taiwan, Singapore, Tanzania, Greece, Zambia, Ghana.