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The Office of Minority Student Life advises 13 ethnic and minority student groups on campus through attending individual group meetings and events, providing resources and logistical aid for student-initiated programming, and offering individual support to minority students.

Additionally, the Office of Minority Student life plans and facilitates Heads of State Meetings during each block.  Heads of State leaders are comprised of the Co-Presidents of each minority group.  At these meetings, training is conducted on policies and procedures for accessing programming funds, student leaders are given the opportunity to share ideas and collaborate on events, guests are brought in to bring pertinent information or opportunities to students, and general support is given to group leaders.  The Office of Minority Student Life also works in conjunction with the Center for Service and Learning and Campus Activities to offer Leadership Development workshops for student leaders each semester. 

The Glass House, a multicultural themed house located on the East Campus, receives advising and support from the Office of Minority Student Life in conjunction with Residential Life for programming assistance, leadership development and guidance regarding residential, cultural, and interpersonal issues.