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Supported by the Office of Minority Student Life and Residential Life, the Lennox House or “Glass House” is a multicultural-themed residence located on the East Campus. After more than ten years, this beautiful Southwest-style mansion continues to be a source of culturally diverse programming as well as a model of community living among students of various backgrounds, cultures, and orientations.

Originally called the Multicultural House, the residents quickly changed the name to the “Glass House” as students felt that they were living their lives in a fishbowl – everyone seemed to be closely observing them to see if this model of intercultural cooperation could really work. And it does!

Glass House residents engage in extensive outreach to the campus through hosting various events and on-going programs such as the First Generation Group, Student Ambassador/Host Family Program, and minority student group meetings and activities. Residents also engage with the local Colorado Springs community through volunteer activities.

Please contact Residential Life if you are interested in applying for residence at the Glass House.