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The Office of Minority Student Life continually strives to meet the needs of minority students, staff, and faculty at Colorado College in order to ensure their on-going physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual well being.  In this manner, specific programs have been developed targeting particular populations.

First Generation Program - The First Generation Program at Colorado College provides support to those who are one of the first in their families to attend a four-year college or university.  The program consists of a blockly luncheon for first generation students, staff, and faculty that is usually centered around a theme or issue of particular interest to first generation individuals.  Topics have included: Hidden Class Issues on Campus, Preparing for Graduate School, Choosing Mentors, Challenges Faced When Going Home for Winter Break, Dining Etiquette, Networking Skills, Money Management, and Stress Reduction.  First generation staff and faculty provide support for students in informal mentoring relationships, as well as share personal stories relating to the first generation college experience.

The First Generation program is a collaborative effort between the Career Center and the Office of Minority Student Life.  Other events during the year usually include a Dessert Social for incoming first generation students and their families during New Student Orientation, a year-end BBQ at the Student Cultural Center that includes the "pinning" of first generation graduates and a Commencement celebration for graduates and families at the Glass House.  All staff and faculty wear "First" pins during the meetings and other events on and off campus to denote their status as first generation graduates from college.  During the year-end BBQ, seniors are given those same pins as an honor and recognition of what they have achieved academically.  There are about 40 students, staff and faculty who participate blockly with over 100 active members in the group. This program is facilitated in conjunction with the Career Center.  Contact Darlene Garcia (x6893) or Kristina Lizardy-Hajbi (x6198) for more information.

Parents of First Generation Students!  Click here for tips on providing support for your student as she or he enters college.

Mind, Body & Soul – The purpose of Mind, Body & Soul is to create a safe peer community and support network for females of color, gathered around the important cultural aspect of food, and is hosted twice a block by students.  Please contact Kristina Lizardy-Hajbi (x6198) for details.

El Mariachi Tigre de Colorado College – A mariachi ensemble sponsored through the Music Department with support from the Office of Minority Student Life.  For more information, please contact Rochelle Mason (x6338).