Rush Kappa Sigma

Kappa Sigma Pledge Class - Fall 2007

Kappa Sigma Fraternity is very excited that you are interested in pledging. Inevitably you will have many questions about the pledging process, the fraternity and why you should join our brotherhood.

Here are some frequently asked questions about rush. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

What is Rush?

Rush week is the time when Kappa Sigma opens its doors officially to potential pledges to introduce them to the fraternity. Though this week is full of scheduled activities we would like for you to come by anytime to meet the members and hang out. Let us know that you want a chance to meet us all personally and you could be invited to a VIP social before rush begins. Rush week will be a lot of fun with many group activities taking place, including many free and delicious meals. Highlights may include bowling, a mini-golf tournament, a BBQ at the football game, dinner at a nice restaurant and more.

Kappa Sigma Pledge Class with Pledge Fathers - Fall 2008

When is rush and how long is the pledge process?

Rush is the second week of the second or sixth blocks. At the end of the week we may ask you to sign up to be a pledge. This is where you will begin an incredible journey with your fellow pledges and future brothers. Pledging lasts one semester with activities almost every week. The bonds you will build will be life long.

How is Kappa Sigma any different from the rest?

Quite simply you just need to meet us to answer this question. We are anxious to get to know our potential pledges so come to the house and to our rush activities.

Will pledging affect my classes?

School comes first, period! When you work hard you can play hard too. Also we are here to help out if you are struggling with class and/or homework.