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Class of 2014 Profile

Colorado College welcomed 540 first-year students to campus on Monday, September 6, 2010 during the college’s annual Opening Convocation and first day of classes.


Approximately 540 enrolled first-year students

  • Men 44%
  • Women 56%

Note: 38 students will matriculate in January as part of our Winter Start program.

The Enrolling Class:


  • American ethnic minorities: 19%
  • International/non-U.S. citizens: 5%
  • 43% of first year students are receiving some type of aid
  • 421 high schools represented
    • 349 students attended public schools
    • 223 students attended private/parochial schools
Test Scores:

for admitted fall students' median 50% ranges:

  • ACT 29-32
  • SAT composite (1600 scale) 1280-1430
  • SAT composite (2400 scale) 1920-2140
Applicant Pool:

Applicants: 4,468
Admitted: 1,504
Enrolling: Approximately 540
Winter Start Enrolling: Approximately 38


for the 35% of admitted students with official class rank:

  • Top 1%: 31%
  • Top 5%: 54%
  • Top 10%: 72%
  • Top 25%: 94%


Geographic Distribution:

Geographic Distribution map

The Class of 2014 brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and talent to the campus. The incoming class features:

  • Students who speak 21 different languages, including Persian, Telugu, and Greek.
  • 46 editors of student publications.
  • An internationally recognized Irish step dancer.
  • Eight nationally ranked competitors, including a three-time national champion in alpine skiing, a national gold medal in jump rope, and a gold medal for equestrian.
  • Two members who coached Special Olympic athletes.
  • 18 members who have finished screenplays, 13 of which were converted into shows.
  •  A student who earned more than $40,000 from a self-started ultimate Frisbee T-shirt company.
  •  A two-time grand prize winner in a national gingerbread competition.
  • 42 founders of campus organizations, including book clubs, newspapers, animal rights associations, and breakfast clubs.
  • An ultra-distance runner who finished the Leadville Trail 100, a 100-mile course in the Rocky Mountains with its lowest elevation falling just above 9,000 feet.
  • A variety of leaders, including 17 student government presidents, 24 service organization leaders, and 75 heads of school groups, ranging from Quidditch Club to philosophy societies to ski and snowboard groups.