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  • 45% of the class speak one of 21 languages including French, German, Italian, Russian, Bulgarian, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Bengali, Kiswahili, Arabic, Hebrew and Nepali. A couple of our students speak 4 languages.
  • 602 Varsity sports teams in high school ranging from lacrosse and water polo to crew and fencing
  • 16% of this class captained a sports team, and over 50 were three sport athletes
  • There are 3 junior Olympians, 3 master divers, a bobsledder, a windsurfer, a female competitive weightlifter and the #2 ranked Go-Kart racer in the Northeast.
  • 53 dancers including a champion Irish dancer, a Panamanian Folkloric dancer, and a young woman who held leads in performances in the National Ballet Academy of India.
  • More than half of the entering class is a talented musician. You will find among them 2 hammered dulcimer players, a bassoonist and a Celtic harpist.
  • 2 pilots, a miniature donkey trainer, 2 jugglers, a set of identical twins, 2 professional models, a small business owner, a jewelry designer, and a student who auctioned off his admission offer on eBay.