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Campus Map (Armstrong Hall is #1; the Quad is just north)


Armstrong houses the majority of the humanities departments and classrooms:  English, drama, languages, film, religion, philosophy, and comparative literature.  Also in Armstrong is a large theater often used for drama productions, dance performances, and major guest speakers.  On the third floor there is a large black-box theater space, the Max Kade Theater, used for lectures, screenings of student films, and foreign-language theater productions. The Keck Humanities Lab, also on the third floor, is a state-of-the-art, multi-media lab for students studying foreign languages and other humanities. The lab has about 20 computer carrels where students can work on word processing programs in various languages or contact students in foreign countries. Armstrong is also home to Armstrong 32, another black-box theater space.  Many of the administrative offices are in Armstrong as well.  This includes the president's and dean’s offices, the office of the registrar, and the business office.

Armstrong Quad is the central outdoor part of campus where at any given time, you will find students playing ultimate Frisbee, rugby, or just sitting out under a tree studying, whether from a book or using the wireless network. The quad is also the location of commencement in May. See the Interactive Webcam.

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