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Stops on the CC Online Tour:
Cutler Hall
Cossitt Hall
Washburn/Stewart Fields

El Pomar Sports Center

Bemis/"Old Town" Area
Western Ridge
Boettcher Health Center

Tutt Library
Palmer Hall
Tutt Science Center
Barnes Science Center
Olin Hall
East Campus
Shove Chapel
Armstrong Hall/Quad
Worner Campus Center

Packard Hall
Spencer Center
Tutt Alumni House

Baca Campus
CC Cabin

Colorado Springs



The Baca Campus, located in Crestone, Colo., about 175 miles southwest of Colorado Springs, officially became part of Colorado College in 1990 when townhouses, a conference center, and about 300 acres of undeveloped land were purchased from the Aspen Institute. CC classes had begun using the facilities leased from Aspen Institute in the mid-80s, and the popularity of it has grown over the last decade. An additional lodge was constructed in 1992, providing even more room for classes visiting the area as a retreat or as a base for field work in the San Luis Valley. The valley, surrounded by the Sangre de Cristo and San Juan mountain ranges, is a major agricultural area, rich in natural resources and recreational opportunities, and borders a major wilderness area and the Great Sand Dunes National Park. The college's Hulbert Center for Southwest Studies manages the Baca, though classes of all types use the campus. Nearly 2,000 students, faculty, and staff utilize the campus each year.