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Stops on the CC Online Tour:
Cutler Hall
Cossitt Hall
Washburn/Stewart Fields

El Pomar Sports Center

Bemis/"Old Town" Area
Western Ridge
Boettcher Health Center

Tutt Library
Palmer Hall
Tutt Science Center
Barnes Science Center
Olin Hall
East Campus
Shove Chapel
Armstrong Hall/Quad
Worner Campus Center

Packard Hall
Spencer Center
Tutt Alumni House

Baca Campus
CC Cabin

Colorado Springs


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Campus Map (Boettcher is #19)


Health professionals staff Boettcher 24 hours a day. In addition to our Boettcher medical director, there is also a network of physicians available for students.  The health center provides medical services including vaccinations, gynecological care, and treatments for common ailments. Boettcher also offers free professional counseling sessions, and affordable massage therapy sessions. The health center has classes in nutrition, stress management, Aikido, yoga and other areas as well. 

The unusual round structure of Boettcher makes it one of many interesting architectural features on campus.