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Campus Map (East Campus is east of #48, 49, 31)


By the mid 1990s, the college owned and used most of the structures on the three city blocks between Nevada and Weber and Uintah and Cache La Poudre. It was then, however, that plans were created to make it a more unified part of campus, ask the city to vacate a block of Yampa Street, and add a number of new features -- most notably, a major new recreational athletic field (Autry Field), a Greek quad, and student organization area. Two sorority houses were moved from the Western Ridge and one new one built, while two fraternities moved into existing homes in the area and one built a new house. The East Campus plan also improved the residential face to the neighborhood on the west side of Weber Street. Two existing small residences, Lennox House and Jackson House, were originally built as private residences (mansions, really), and have had various roles on campus -- and both have recently had significant renovation work.

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