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The Sperry S. and Ella Graber Packard Hall is home to the art and music departments and has a performance hall that seats 300 people. Designed so that no one in the audience would sit more than 50 feet from the stage, the hall is used for musical performances and campus lectures.  A music and art library on the lower level has music scores, recordings and art slides for student use. The taller portion of the building contains art studios and private studios for senior art majors.  There are classrooms and even a darkroom and printmaking studio. 

Designed by Edward Larabee Barnes, Packard Hall was built thanks to a gift by former trustee, the late David Packard, co-founder of Hewlett Packard, who named it in honor of his parents, CC alumni. The alternating black-and-white tiles on the side of Packard Hall represent the keys on a keyboard.

In 2005, the College completed a renovation and expansion of Packard Hall, made possible by a $4 million grant from the Packard Foundation. The project added approximately 10,500 square feet, increasing the building’s total square footage to 66,700. As part of the renovation work, a new handicap-accessible elevator to the art tower was built, and a piano lift was constructed to provide better access to the stage from the main level. In addition, more windows were added to the building’s west side to let more natural light into the lower level. The changes improved the organization of program activities and space while respecting the existing building.

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