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A statue of Charles Leaming Tutt Jr. near the library entrance is frequently decorated by students -- here, with a T-shirt promoting campus elections.


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Campus Map (Tutt Library is #10)

CC ONLINE CAMPUS TOUR: TUTT LIBRARY (1962, 1980 south wing)

Tutt offers more than half a million volumes and provides an extensive database for newspaper archives, e-articles, and online journals.  The library is home to many special collections of materials about Colorado and Colorado College history as well as the most comprehensive selection of geological survey maps in the region.  The Learning Commons is a newly renovated space in the south wing of Tutt Library which houses academic resources for both students and faculty, including the Colket Student Learning Center, the Crown Faculty Center, the Office of First-Year & Sophomore Studies & Advising, Disability Services, and a Computer & Advanced Technology Lab. Since CC is a wireless campus, members of the campus community take their laptops anywhere in the library or around campus with reliable connections to the Internet and campus networks. See more on Tutt Library.  

Tutt Library was named in honor of Charles Leaming Tutt, Jr., a longtime trustee and, along with many in his family, a major supporter of Colorado College. The library is one of three major campus structures named in their honor—see Tutt Science Center and Tutt Alumni House as well.

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