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Campus Map (Washburn & Stewart are west of 37-42)


Colorado College is home to the oldest football stadium west of the Mississippi River and newest football field -- Washburn was built in 1898, and in 2003,  a new artificial turf multi-use field was completed (see more about the Washburn project).  In addition to football, Washburn is home to the men's lacrosse team and is also used on occasion by the men's and women's soccer teams. The men's and women's track teams use the track surrounding the field.

Stewart Field was originally created in the mid-1930s, and in the 1970s became home to our women's soccer team -- the only women's Division I program, a counterpart of the men's Division I ice hockey team. The men's soccer team and women's lacrosse team also play on Stewart, which sits below the Western Ridge Housing Complex.

About 75 percent of CC students participate in some form of athletics, with several different levels of competition to choose from.  In addition to the two Division I sports, we have 16 Division III (non-scholarship) sports, eight club sports, and a huge variety of intramurals.  See more about CC athletic facilities.

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