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Also see a 360-degree image of the Western Ridge Complex (provided by a non-CC web site).

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Campus Map (Western Ridge is #40-43)


The Western Ridge Complex is CC's newest residential option—completed in fall 2001 as part of a residential expansion project that included the Edith Gaylord House, Elbert House, and Windom Houses. The apartment-style facilities of Western Ridge and Gaylord are populated mostly by juniors and seniors who want an independent living style, but wish to remain on campus.  These apartments house about 400 students and include lofts, studios, and flats.  The project's completion brought our on-campus student population to about 80 percent. The three-year, on-campus residence policy creates a strong sense of community. First-years have the option of living in (44) Loomis, the large brick dorm uphill from here, or in (36) Slocum, the smoke-free dorm on the other side of campus, or (37) Bemis, which we passed earlier.  After their first year, students have many options outside the traditional dorm setting, even though there is a large sophomore dorm – (34) Mathias.  Our smaller theme and language houses reflect student interest and create encouraging environments for each specific theme or language/culture. See our Residential Life page for more, including a virtual tour of most of the facilities.

Western Ridge also includes  Herb'n Farm Cafe, McHugh Commons and Alumni Plaza. The plaza and hillside to the west form seating for Stewart Field, home of both men's and women's soccer and women's lacrosse.

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