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Photo: Section of CC campus map -- click to see full map.
Campus Map -- including a PDF version

Photo: Armstrong Quad, the center of campus

Photo: General campus 'tour' image

Aerial photo of campus (fall 2002)


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Directions to campus

From I-25, take the Uintah Street exit (#143). Proceed east (away from the mountains) on Uintah Street to Cascade Avenue. Turn right (south) on Cascade and you will be on campus. Cutler Hall and the Worner Center face Cascade Avenue. Please be sure to review the information about parking at CC.

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This online campus tour will take you to some of the buildings and places on the 90-acre Colorado College campus, as well as a few other important CC locations. You may visit them individually from the list below -- or start with Cutler Hall, the college's oldest building, and continue in order. Note that the years associated with each building or location are generally the date when the college began using the facility.

Please let us know if you have questions or suggestions for improving the tour.

Cutler Hall (#9 on campus map)
Cossitt Hall (#8)
Washburn/Stewart Fields
(west of 37-42)
El Pomar Sports Center

Bemis/"Old Town" residence area (#37, 38, 45, 46)
Western Ridge
Boettcher Health Center
Tutt Library (#10)
Palmer Hall (#11)
Tutt Science Center (#15)
Barnes Science Center (#14)
Olin Hall (#13)

East Campus
(#31, 49, 50-east)
Shove Chapel

Armstrong Hall/Quad (#1)
Cornerstone Arts Center (#80)
Worner Campus Center (#5)
Packard Hall (#4)
Spencer Center (#2)
Tutt Alumni House

Not on campus map
Baca Campus
CC Cabin

Colorado Springs

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Outside Palmer Hall



Photo: View of campus from the west (Aug. 6, 2004). Photo by Bob Jacobs, CC associate professor of psychology.